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Experience of wet Mac degeneration

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Espana Fri 17-Sep-21 13:18:47

I have been having injections for over a year in my left eye. This has stabilised and down to one every 12 weeks. Unfortunately, it has now been diagnosed in my right eye and I am back to having this eye injected every 4 weeks. Can anyone tell me what to expect - am I going blind?

Skybubble Sat 18-Sep-21 08:32:30

I too have this condition in my right eye, I have had 2 blocks of 3 injections, I went to see my consultant last Thursday and now have to have another block of 3 injections, 1 a month for the next 3 months.
It is a scary condition and I think judging by the amount of people at the injection clinic it is also quite common. There is no cure for it they treat it to hopefully stop it getting worse, the part I really find difficult is when I look at someones face as it is really distorted and blurry. I don’t think you go blind with this condition but the best person to speak to would be your consultant. Do you mind me asking how old you are? I always seem to be the youngest person at the clinic which worries me.

Aldom Sat 18-Sep-21 08:57:18

Hello Espana. I have dry Macular Degeneration, diagnosed earlier this year. Thankfully it is stable at the moment. My sister in law had Wet Macular Degeneration. She didn't go totally blind, but lost her ability to read and recognise faces easily. I wish you and Skybubble well for the future. Hope the treatment works. Are the injections into the eye painful? I ask because when I had eye surgery fairly recently, for another condition, I had to have five injections in my eye. The injections were very painful.

Septimia Sat 18-Sep-21 08:58:16

A friend of mine has this and has now had 42 injections, so she has had the condition for a number of years. The sight in the affected eye has not deteriorated significantly so the injections are clearly helping. I hope they will work as well for you, even though the treatment is unpleasant.

Aldom Sat 18-Sep-21 09:01:37

PS. I understand that the usual age for the onset of MD is 50-60. I am 78, therefore very thankful not to have been diagnosed at such a young age.

ElaineI Sat 18-Sep-21 09:21:17

My mother ad wet in one eye and dry in the other. She had treatment for about 3 years on the wet MD but the dry was not treatable. She has now been registered blind with no more treatment that can help. She has a disabled card for parking for drivers and a reduction for her TV licence. She can make out blurry shapes but not see much. She has had great help from RNIB with magnifiers etc and gets the audio books. She also gets Edinburgh Evening News and Scots Magazine on memory stick from Lothiansound but she is very depressed about it and housebound (not due to the MD). She is 86.

annsixty Sat 18-Sep-21 10:15:22

I have the wet one in my left eye.
I had monthly injection for 18 months with no improvement but no worsening.
Some people had been going to the clinic for four years.
When my H became ill I stopped going as it was several hours away from home and he couldn’t be left.
It has gradually deteriorated over four years to just very peripheral vision but the right eye is fine at this stage.
I would certainly start treatment again if it did go into this eye.

anna7 Sat 18-Sep-21 10:58:10

My mother was diagnosed with this yesterday. The optician told us we could expect a call from the eye hospital imminently. Can anyone tell me if this is likely to be a day or two or a week or two? We should have asked more questions but it was a bit of a shock. She is 90 and is it very worrying. I don't want her to get depressed.

Katyj Sat 18-Sep-21 13:36:56

My mum developed wet macular in one eye and dry in the other at aged 80. She had two courses of injections, which have kept it stable. She’s 90 now and manages quite well ,she still lives alone.

BlueBelle Sat 18-Sep-21 14:45:38

I thought you were looking for help with wet macintoshes

Anna it isn’t a major illness It happens to many in older age it’s just that if it’s not treated she may lose all or some sight
My Dad had it and had injections for about 2 years which kept him from getting worse although he had lost sight in one eye before it was discovered but he was so happy he could still see the tv and read the paper He looked forward to the injections and the eye clinic was such a happy positive place
Aldom my dad said the injections into the eye ball were not at all painful and he was always very happy to go along it kept him stable until he died

Skybubble Mon 20-Sep-21 21:00:45

I feel exactly the same way as your dad, the injections are not painful and I also look forward to having them done as I know my vision will be so much better the following day, as the month goes by my vision gets worse again until the next injection. I am hoping eventually my wet eye will stable but if it doesn’t I can only hope it doesn’t get worse. Some people at the clinic have been going years and all say the same thing…they are happy to be able to have the treatment.

anna7 Mon 20-Sep-21 21:53:36

Thank you Bluebell. That is very reassuring. The optician didn't have any written information about this condition so she told me to look on Google for more information. Always a mistake ! Of course I didn't share the information I found on Google with my mum but it did panic me a bit.

Aldom Mon 20-Sep-21 22:20:44

BlueBelle and Skybubble
Thank you for the reassuring information re injections for Macular degeneration.

Espana Wed 22-Sep-21 12:10:28

A thank you all for your information and advice. I do feel a little reassured. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond but I have been away. Kindest regards to you all.

Charleygirl5 Wed 22-Sep-21 12:28:21

Anna7 you need to get in touch with your eye department asap because if it is wet AMD being given an eye injection means it will not get any worse.

I have dry in both eyes and I am taking part in a major world wide eye trial for dry AMD and it appears to be working so if approved it will mean that those with dry AMD who have this treatment will not get any worse.

Eye injections should never be painful- it takes a second to apply drops and they work almost instantly to numb the area.

If I can help, please PM me.

lemsip Wed 22-Sep-21 15:19:02

oh dear, I thought this was about the thread the other day about 'do men like wet old legs,', they were looking for full length rainproof mens coat. lol.

anna7 Wed 22-Sep-21 18:47:26

Thanks Charleygirl . If I don't hear anything tomorrow I'll chase it up. The optician did tell me that the eye hospital would phone asap.

dustyangel Wed 22-Sep-21 19:53:17

Eye hospitals in England certainly used to have a lot of very helpful leaflets in their waiting areas. Also a large print magazine. They may have taken them away because of COVID of course. If I can find it tomorrow, I know there is an address on the back of one that I still have. I’ll have a look anna7.

anna7 Wed 22-Sep-21 20:56:04

Thank you dusty angel. That's very kind of you.