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Painful reflux

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Magsymoo Sat 25-Sep-21 07:38:33

After taking anti biotics I was left with indigestion which has just got worse and worse. I have taken antacids, cut out acid producing food and drink, and taken an OTC week of PPI's. I've now finished them and the problem is worse. I have a painful feeling of a lump in my throat when I swallow, can't eat or sleep. I know I need to see my GP and I'm not looking for a diagnosis on here but just wondered if others have experienced this and what did you do? I suppose I'm looking for reassurance because tbh I'm feeling very stressed and scared as its weekend and I can't get seen for at least 2 days now.

lemsip Sat 25-Sep-21 08:04:34

I have no answer but if taking a tablet I always swoosh it down with a big glass of water. It is easy for a tablet/capsule to get 'stuck' along the way and cause the problem you have.

MayBeMaw Sat 25-Sep-21 08:13:03

I do the water thing too plus deep breathing -nose in, mouth out letting my ribs expand as far as they can with each breath.
I also swear by Zantac also sold as Boots HeartburnRelief.

MayBeMaw Sat 25-Sep-21 08:14:21

Misread Lemsips post- I drink as big a glass of ice cold water as I can manage -and then another.

H1954 Sat 25-Sep-21 08:19:10

Have you spoken to your Pharmacist about this? I experience something very similar and I buy Gaviscon liquid, there's quite a few in the range and the very best one is not always on the shelf so ask at the counter. Of course, you might have already done all this so forgive me if I've misunderstood.
Hope you get this sorted out and get some relief. ?

MerylStreep Sat 25-Sep-21 08:25:08

My go to for anything like this is ginger. A teaspoon full in hot water. OH swears by the glass of water.
Definitely not another chemical on top of a chemical that caused it.

Aveline Sat 25-Sep-21 08:26:25

Have you thought of Helicobacter Pylori? DH had all your symptoms and was living on Rennies until this was diagnosed. Short course of a special antibiotic combination and he was all better. Discuss with your GP?

silverlining48 Sat 25-Sep-21 08:27:15

I have had this in the past and was told that feeling a lump in the throat is quite common and often connected to psychological problems. It resolved itself after a while, but you might want to speak to your doctor, or fill in the necessary eform to get them to ring you.

BlueSky Sat 25-Sep-21 08:27:17

Ask your pharmacist’s advice while waiting to see the GP, it’ll also help to reassure you.

ExDancer Sat 25-Sep-21 08:35:13

Woodward's Gripe Water (for babies).
Yes really!
I suffer from bile acid malabsorbtion and woke one night in agony. I'd used up my prescription and there was nothing in the house to help me apart from a very old bottle of Woodwards - so I took a swig.
It worked within minutes and the relief was indescribable. It tastes a bit weird, I'm not at all surprised babies spit it out.
You can get it at some supermarkets, chemists and, of course, Amazon.

CafeAuLait Sat 25-Sep-21 08:35:36

You do need to see the GP to get advice to suit your situation. My GP told me to take PPIs for at least two weeks. After taking antibiotics you can get related issues, which is why you really need to see your GP. I know how unpleasant it can be. I've finally got on top of mine. Don't be afraid to go to the hospital and be checked if you are having chest pain with it.

LizzieDrip Sat 25-Sep-21 08:39:12

Mags I had something similar recently. The lump in the throat feeling is known as silent reflux - it’s acid irritating your voice box. I found taking OTC PPIs (especially for a short time) made things worse. Apparently, when you stop taking them you get ‘rebound’ acid production, meaning it’s worse than it was before. I discontinued the PPIs and took Gaviscon Advance. It worked! Gradually the reflux and ‘lump in the throat’ eased and now I just take one teaspoon of Gaviscon before bed. The PPIs are not a short term solution and long term use must be prescribed by a GP. The problem is, once you’re on them, you tend to have to stay on them to avoid the rebound effect. I didn’t want to go down that road and am glad now that I preserved with the Gaviscon. The Gaviscon Advance is the most effective one, by the way. Good luck - reflux is really miserable!thanks

LizzieDrip Sat 25-Sep-21 08:42:47

‘persevered’ not ‘preserved’!

CafeAuLait Sat 25-Sep-21 09:04:45

I found weaning off PPIs prevented the rebound that I get if I stop cold turkey. They can be hard to come off.

I took the PPIs to settle things down in my gastric system. They have helped and had their place in the acute phase, but the main thing was working out what was causing the problem to flare in the first place, then making sure I avoided that.

I hope you find your solution soon. It is horrible to go through.

BlueSky Sat 25-Sep-21 09:45:07

Another one here for Gaviscon Advance! It helped where the PPIs failed!

Jaxjacky Sat 25-Sep-21 10:35:09

I’ve had the camera down the throat, hernia diagnosed, I can’t take PPI’s so take another prescribed H2drug. I have Gaviscon advance on prescription, quick swig before bed, as others have said.

Curlywhirly Sat 25-Sep-21 10:45:36

I was on PPIs for about 4 years and after hearing that it is not wise to be on them long term (they can deplete vitamin B12) I decided to gradually come off them. Had no problem at all and no return of the reflux. However, I think my reflux was due to work related stress - I had retired when I weaned myself off the tabs, and think finishing work played a huge part in eliminating the reflux. Also, the feeling of a lump in the throat (globus) can be caused by stress/anxiety. Just hang on in there until your doctor's appointment, he's the best person to advise you.

Nortsat Sat 25-Sep-21 12:06:29

I recommend at least a phone consultation with your GP or a call to 101, who may direct you to the Out of Hours Doctor.
I suffer this frequently from long term steroid use.

Last time for me, involved a trip to A&E by ambulance at 5.30am.

You have tried everything reasonable. You need some prescribed medication.
Try paracetamol in the meantime for the pain, never ibuprofen. Also Gaviscon.
Also as MaybeMaw says sipping iced water.
Don’t rest or sleep on your right side, as that exacerbates it (I know this sounds odd, but just do it incase it helps).

I know how awful it is. It’s also exhausting, so try to sleep, as much as you are able.
Try to relax.
If you can manage 3 or 4 small meals of light food per day... even a slice of toast with jam or a yoghurt or some light soup, that’s helpful. I think an empty stomach churning with acid just exacerbates everything.

Very best of luck Magsy and do let us know how things are, when you’re up to it.?

Kim19 Sat 25-Sep-21 12:10:33

I stopped eating for 24 hours and drank water pretty much constantly. Gentle recovery ensued in my case.

Magsymoo Sun 26-Sep-21 07:42:44

Thank you for all your advice. I will get some Gaviscon Advance, I have only been using the standard formula. I’m trying all the self help measures first because I’m trying to avoid unnecessary medication.

MerylStreep Sun 26-Sep-21 08:11:19

Trying all the self help measures etc
Well done. Otherwise this problem can end up with the tail wagging the dog.

Maggiemaybe Sun 26-Sep-21 08:21:26

A good friend recommended high dosage acidophilus capsules when I had digestive trouble, and they really worked for me. I get mine from Holland and Barrett when one of their frequent sales are on. I can’t see that they can do any harm and they might just help you. If you try them though, do keep them in the fridge - this is stipulated in very small writing on the packaging, and easy to miss.

Lossi22 Sat 28-Jan-23 21:46:19

Had an awful time with all this .Had what I thought was a chest infection prescribed penicillin it came back and took another lot !!I then took a sore throat doc said was thrush caused by the double antibiotics had loads ofstufftoclear that up .I'm now in agony with the reflux which I think was that to start with !!!my throat is sore the omeprazole not working can't see doctor till Thursday !!

welbeck Sun 29-Jan-23 16:18:45

you need to get this checked out at the hosp.
any problem with swallowing or feeling of lump in throat should be investigated.
don't delay.

Alioop Sun 29-Jan-23 18:51:46

I had the lump in my throat and awful chest pain with reflux at the start of Covid, it even hurt when the zip of my coat pressed on my throat. The doc wouldn't see me, I was just given PPIs every time I phoned.
I still get it every so often, I can't sleep with the pain, but I've been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease Sjorgens and one of the symptoms is reflux and digestive problems. I'm back on 20mgs PPIs until I see the consultant at the hospital and I'm still working out what food annoys it, there's a lot of things, one big one is chocolate. My sister has an ulcer and my friend a hernia and they both get reflux so definitely get you GP on the case.
I'll definitely give the gripe water a go as the PPIs wear off near bedtime. There are plenty of helpful tips on this thread that I'll have to try myself. I eat liquorice too and it eases it for a while. It is painful thing to have and I hope you get sorted very quickly with it.