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Marmite32 Tue 30-Nov-21 18:48:30

I've been making enquiries since my shingles pain and found a few alternatives to orthodox medicine. which hasn't helped up to now.
One Dr from the past reckons it isn't shingles at all. he is very against antibiotics and pro homeopathy. Recomends a product to build up the immune system.
Then there are those who depend on healthy eating. And herbal treatment.
I have a friend who gave up smoking with the help of acupuncture.
Any views?

PamelaJ1 Tue 30-Nov-21 19:00:53

Always helps to get your body in the best health that it could be and help your immune system to be strong.
IMO you can do a lot towards this end by eating very well and getting your gut health in a good state. Read Tim Spectre’s book, the diet myth.
My friends daughter went down the holistic route when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now she is dead. Perhaps a combination is best?

Sago Tue 30-Nov-21 19:25:18

I’m a huge believer.
I have only one fully functioning kidney and was getting repeated UTI’s, after numerous antibiotics I saw an excellent acupuncturist.
She worked on my spleen to help fight infection and it worked, I had about 10 treatments, it was worth every penny. .
She cured my plantar fasciitis in 10 minutes👏👏👏

Peasblossom Tue 30-Nov-21 19:25:38

If you’ve given orthodox medicine a fair chance and it hasn’t helped then you have nothing to lose (except a bit of money).

I can’t see that homeopathy would work for pain but acupuncture might. It’s the same principle as a Tens machine.
Have you tried one of those?

Peasblossom Tue 30-Nov-21 19:27:24

Herbal isn’t really alternative. The Science of helpful chemicals in plants is well researched and established.

Esspee Wed 01-Dec-21 01:31:49

Homeopathy has been completely debunked. It works no better than a placebo. If a placebo is likely to work for you any pharmacist can supply you with cnimativ tablets.

Jillyjosie Fri 03-Dec-21 00:10:42

I have found acupuncture very helpful. It's been around for several thousand years! Find a properly trained acupuncturist though, some GPs and physios do acupuncture courses (which says something!) but the proper training takes years and is a serious qualification. The needles don't hurt, in case anyone wonders.

Franbern Fri 03-Dec-21 08:54:11

I thought that many modern drugs were based on herbal remedies. A good diet, etc is obviously healthy for all.

I do wonder why people seem so willing to pay money for tiny vials of water - what a load of rubbish. It has been proven over and over again, that the only real advantage of homeopathy is completely placebo.

Can only say that when I was having repeated, horrible UTI's it was modern machinery at the hospital where a growth in my bladder was detected and a few weeks later removed by same hospital that sorted me out. Thank goodness for modern medicine