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Osteo arthritis hands

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Sallywally1 Tue 24-May-22 17:33:47

Any suggestions?

tanith Tue 24-May-22 18:26:36

I have many joints affected including most of my fingers and thumbs I do take Ibuprofen occasionally but mostly I find keeping moving, knitting and using the joints is best eventually the pain subsides but never totally goes sadly. You have my sympathy

ginny Tue 24-May-22 18:27:08

Best I can recommend is keep them moving and warm.

Susan56 Tue 24-May-22 19:22:56

Like Ginny I recommend that you keep your hands warm and moving.

I would also suggest fingerless gloves for the colder months.Turtledoves do some really good ones.

Nonogran Tue 24-May-22 21:52:27

I’m seeing a doctor soon who specialises in cortisone injections into painful arthritic joints, to see if he’ll inject my hands.
If he does & it works, it will be such a relief. My right hand is almost useless.,

BigBertha1 Tue 24-May-22 22:07:21

I feel your pain Sallywally. My fingers seem to point in strange directions and all my knuckles are twice their size. They used to hurt like made esp thumbs but the damage is now done and the inflammation and pain are all but gone. I can't open jars, bottles 3rd and regularly drop things or knock things over. Can't see it knit anymore. I don't have any good suggestions except keep warm.I have always declined joint injections. My mother had loads which did nothing and hurt like hell.

Esspee Tue 24-May-22 22:07:33

Depending on what age you are you might want to ask if oestrogen might help.
Google Osteoarthritis Oestrogen for detailed explanation.

NanKate Tue 24-May-22 22:41:42

I use CBD balm by Kloris which I rub into the area around my left thumb and the discomfort has improved about 70% so not taken the pain completely away. It’s not cheap about £30 for a small jar of the wax but you only need a bit of the ointment at a time.

Ailsa43 Wed 25-May-22 01:40:21

I have painful Osteo- arthritis in both hands, in my first 2 fingers and thumbs.. the rest of my fingers are now starting to go the same way. It's extremely painful, and at night if I accidentally bump , or lay on my fingers I'm awake screeching with pain. I wear fingers splints to bed to protect them, available on Amazon, they wrap around the finger and are affixed with Velcro..

I've just discovered finger rings , and have bought a couple on Etsy, particualrly useful for the first knuckle of my right hand, extremely swollen, seriously mish-shapen.. but with the aid of the ring, I can write holding a pen again without the knuckle being seriously painful

Nannytopsy Wed 25-May-22 08:06:17

I agree about keeping knitting - it keeps my fingers mobile. Once a joint has “gone”, they do hurt less.

Sparklefizz Wed 25-May-22 08:20:10

I use Rhus Tox & Ruta Cream by Helios (available Amazon or Helios). It has worked wonders and I've been using it since 2014 for OA in my hands, feet, ankles, knees and hips. I buy it by the 500g tub now direct from Helios because I obviously get through quite a lot of it.

Iam64 Wed 25-May-22 08:35:12

Yes keep your hands warm, keep them moving

Elusivebutterfly Wed 25-May-22 08:37:34

I have the same problem. I find it's best not to overuse the fingers. Knitting would make it worse for me. When I was working and using a computer all day, I found it very difficult to cook or do anything else and pain kept me awake a lot. Now retired so using my hands much less, they have improved.
I just have the right index finger at present being very painful.

Oldnproud Wed 25-May-22 09:39:53

It seems so random!

I have been lucky and found that my arthritic hands have improved no end since I took up knitting again. It was gradual, and to begin with I had quite a bit of difficulty in holding the yarn to keep the tension right. It was only with hindsight that I realized the extent of the improvement.

henetha Wed 25-May-22 09:43:34

Mine is particularly at the base of each thumb.

Sparklefizz Wed 25-May-22 10:29:13

That's where mine started henetha but the Rhus Tox & Ruta cream I use has kept all pain at bay. I wouldn't be without it.

Cabbie21 Wed 25-May-22 10:43:53

Mine is not constant. Various fingers or thumb joints hurt at different times. I agree cold is not good, sometimes toes too.
I take Glucosamine and chrondoitin which has kept my knees from getting any worse, but didn't stop the fingers starting to hurt.

dogsmother Wed 25-May-22 16:33:43

Glucosamine and Chondroitin for sure and definitely keep them all moving. My thumb bases are definitely my worst and very squared now. The pain is better in the summer months and with that in mind will follow the above advise from sparklefizz with thanks re Rhus too and ruta cream.