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Statins and should I try them again.

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susytish Wed 06-Jul-22 13:02:00

I was given statins last year and I had such awful pains in my legs I decided to come off them. Now I have had another blood test to check my cholesterol and I have a feeling doctor will suggest statins again. Any advice would be welcome.

nanna8 Wed 06-Jul-22 13:04:50

There are several different brands and I have found that some are better than others for this. Ask your Doc for a different brand and try it to see if it makes a difference if they think you need them. Even though they might say they are all the same, they are not .

ExDancer Wed 06-Jul-22 13:09:34

I did the same. My husband is fine with them. There are several different ones you can try, maybe you can find one that doesn't have this side effect. But I'd hesitate about them myself because the pains ruin your quality of life if you suffer from them.

saltnshake Wed 06-Jul-22 13:15:24

I tried four brands of statins before doctor accepted I could not tolerate them. Now I take ezetimibe. It works in a different way to lower your cholesterol. It is not quite as effective but does the job well enough for me.

imaround Thu 07-Jul-22 03:16:00

My doctor just told me to take OTC bergamot because I refused statins for now.

silverlining48 Thu 07-Jul-22 07:11:40

Had a recent test. cholesterol 6. The doctor checked the probability of a stroke in the next 10 years. Mine was 17% and Statins were mentioned.
Having read in GN that they can have unpleasant side effects I decided against. Though overweight my diet is already healthy and I walk a lot.
If the percentage increased to 20 I expect more pressure to take statins.

paddyann54 Thu 07-Jul-22 10:10:33

My OH came off them and takes Ubiquinol instead ,its a form of Co Enzyme 10.His GP checked his cholesterol levels regularly when he swapped and has been supportive for the now 7 ish years hes been taking it

paddyann54 Thu 07-Jul-22 10:11:54


susytish Thu 07-Jul-22 12:31:46

Doctor has suggested Rosuvastatin. Has anyone experience of this statin?

Luckygirl3 Thu 07-Jul-22 12:39:10

I just changed the dose and all was well.

Boz Thu 07-Jul-22 12:46:54


Doctor has suggested Rosuvastatin. Has anyone experience of this statin?

I am on this; a low dose. I take it last thing at night and have no symptoms.

Soozikinzi Thu 07-Jul-22 13:22:34

My husband is on 5mg rosuvastatin aternate days and enzyme Q10 every day . Hes had terrible side affects with all the other statins but this has given no side affects after a few months . Hes going to increase to 5 days a week to get the cholesterol below 5 its just over 5 at the moment. Hope that helps !

Farzanah Thu 07-Jul-22 13:25:47

My OH had leg pains with statins but switched to Rosuvastatin 3 times a week and is fine now. He tried different statins at first which didn’t improve things but is fine on these at a reduced dose.

Farzanah Thu 07-Jul-22 13:26:27

Oh and he takes Q10 too.