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Spinal canal stenosis

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BigBertha1 Sun 17-Jul-22 22:43:08

My recent MRI showed this anyone else have this and have you had treatment please?

PollyDolly Mon 18-Jul-22 16:26:27

PM'd you BB

icanhandthemback Mon 18-Jul-22 16:29:04

My Mum has this. In her lumbar region, there was nothing that could be done but it the upper spine, she had targeted injections which helped considerably.

Charleygirl5 Mon 18-Jul-22 16:58:12

Surgery is done frequently when the stenosis is L4-5 and L5-S1 and from what I have seen has been fairly successful. I am sure that at least a couple of GNs have had this surgery performed.

If you choose surgery please choose either an orthopaedic surgeon who only operates on spines or you go to a neurosurgeon.

BigBertha1 Mon 18-Jul-22 17:18:47

Thank you for the answers. I have been referred to a spinal surgeon- long wait I suspect.

TwiceAsNice Mon 18-Jul-22 17:58:06

I have had spinal stenosis for several years. Mild pain/numbness for part of every day , worse pain when it flares up. This happens when it presses on one of the discs in my back, not so bad when it doesn’t.

Consultant was pessimistic when I was diagnosed said I would need injections at some point , but wait as long as possible as you can only have so many. Haven’t needed them yet. Also said might need major operation as I got older and a successful outcome wasn’t guaranteed. However I have managed it better than he suggested. I do not take regular painkillers and then not prescription ones. Some days I find it difficult to stand for long periods or walk around without sitting down frequently but it doesn’t stop me doing most things.

I do seem to have a high pain threshold so perhaps I’m luckier than some .

Scribbles Tue 09-Aug-22 12:30:52

My daughter was diagnosed with stenosis in the lumbar region which led to chronic pain and bouts of sciatica which virtually incapacitated her. Physio helped a little but she was on major doses of analgesic and becoming very depressed. After several different referrals, she eventually saw a neurosurgeon who offered to operate and the surgery took place almost 4 years ago. It was a major procedure, lasting around 4 hours but, amazingly, she was discharged home 24 hours later.
For the first month, she had to lie down most of the day, or stand for brief periods. No sitting, housework, bending, lifting or exercise, only essential walking to the loo. We paid for a housekeeper to do her housework and shopping and she had a rota of friends coming in several times a day to cook and keep her company. A nurse came to change the dressing for as long as it was required.
After that first month, she embarked on a regime of daily walking, increasing the distance each day and was permitted to do more sitting which meant she could drive again for local journeys.
Four years on, she's okay but still must not lift anything heavier than the cat litter tray and suffers severe discomfort if she has to sit for long periods. She lives with the knowledge that one unwary move could undo all the good work and put her right back where she was in 2017. For all that, she has no regrets about having the surgery.

LadyGracie Tue 09-Aug-22 14:50:29

I had 2 decompression operations 12 months apart and then a TLIF 4 months later. (Transformational Lumbar Interbody Fusion)
The first surgery helped for a few months, the second I knew had failed as soon as I came round from the anaesthetic.
The third was a miracle, I had it done 15 years ago and I’ve had no problems since.

tanith Tue 09-Aug-22 15:23:09

I had Spinal Stenosis at L4 L5 that caused excruciating Sciatica and back pain. After lots of Physio I had a Lumber Spinal Laminectomy 20yrs ago which fixed the problem for a long time. I now get occasional bouts of Sciatica but on the whole it’s not too bad.

SHEZ70 Sun 14-Aug-22 10:19:34

Hi has anyone on here experienced painful feet and lower legs as a result of spinal stenosis ?

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 14-Aug-22 11:37:44

I had the same op as tanith some days my feet feel as though I am walking on marbles, uncomfortable but not painful.
For weeks after my op I had terrible cramp in my calves every time I moved my leg, although I was on opiates the pain was horrendous.
I had 2 years with a paralysed leg and I don’t want to go there again.
I had a NeuroSurgeon for my op.

SHEZ70 Sun 14-Aug-22 13:30:24

My husband has painful feet and legs prior to op, hoping this will be alleviated somewhat 🙏🤞

Tizliz Sun 14-Aug-22 13:43:02


Hi has anyone on here experienced painful feet and lower legs as a result of spinal stenosis ?

Yes! The pain used to be in the lower leg to one side and the top of the other leg. However I have worked hard on physio exercises and Pilates for over a year now and am much better. Before I could only walk 100 yds without sitting down. I was dubious about curing it with exercise and it is not a cure but I am much happier and mobile now. I have reduced the exercise time slowly from 30 mins ever day to 20 mins 4 times a week unless the pain comes back.