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Doxycycline for cystitis , any help welcome

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Megs36 Fri 23-Sep-22 15:40:46

Had cystitis for over two weeks, taken course of neutro. ? from G P viaphone consultation with GP but seems to have recurred. Feeling Yuk.Housebound ,unable to get to surgery, so doxycycline available online. Suggestions welcome. Thanks.

aggie Fri 23-Sep-22 15:46:06

You need antibiotics , but first you need to contact the Doctor , get him to test a sample of urine , and see which antibiotic is the best to knock out your bugs

clementine Fri 23-Sep-22 15:53:53

Doxycycline is quite a strong antibiotic usually perscribed for chest infection or UTI If you have had no improvement with nitrofurantoin then it may be you are resistant to it . First you need urine cultured to see what organisms are present and also to work out which antibiotics would be most effective

Megs36 Fri 23-Sep-22 16:04:55

Thankyou for replying, asI mentioned I am-unable to get to surgery for tests atm. And of course now Saturday! Sound defeatist….that’s because I am!

MayBee70 Fri 23-Sep-22 16:08:29

I was going to be prescribed doxycycline after I was bitten by a tick but 111 decided that it was such a powerful antibiotic with so many side effects( you have to keep out of the sun when you take it and it kills off lots of your gut bacteria) that, as the risk of Lyme disease was low it was best to avoid doxycycline. As has been pointed out you need to know the correct antibiotic to use. When I had several post menopause bouts of cystitis I realised that it was being caused by vaginal atrophy. And d mannose helped.

aggie Fri 23-Sep-22 16:08:47

Please phone the Doctor , it’s Friday today , he/she can ring you back and discuss the best treatment
Are you drinking lots of water ? That helps
That antibiotic obviously didn’t work , it’s very strong , so taking it isn’t good if it’s not working

aggie Fri 23-Sep-22 16:10:52

You don’t need to go to the surgery for tests , pee in a small clean bottle , and someone else can take it to the surgery for you

MayBee70 Fri 23-Sep-22 16:25:23

I remember being prescribed an antibiotic for cystitis that didn’t work and going to my doctors on a Saturday morning ( they opened on Saturdays then): he gave me another antibiotic which worked straight away. You can’t suffer over the weekend. Cystitis is horrible.

Yammy Fri 23-Sep-22 16:32:23

Phone your GP and explain that your current anti-biotic is not working. They will need a mid-stream sample but someone else can take it to the surgery my DH takes mine as I am debilitated when I have it. You need something over the weekend it will only get worse. Drink a glass of water every time you have been to the loo you need to get your urine as dilute as possible

JaneJudge Fri 23-Sep-22 16:37:31

God you poor thing. Ring the GP and explain please

Riverwalk Fri 23-Sep-22 17:14:41

My advice is to ring the GP surgery.

If you have recurring UTIs ask your GP about HRT pessaries (they are low-dose HRT) which help prevent/treat UTIs.

Sweetpeasue Fri 23-Sep-22 17:18:53

Megs36 I'm pretty certain Doxycycline is not an antibiotic used for urine infections. I took a first dose of this drug and was violently throwing up for an hr. But my Dr said I was allergic as this was extreme reaction and not a general nausea that can be a side effect of antibiotics.
I realise it's late in the day now but I hope you've been able to see your Dr.
Ive had many a urine infection that's floored me so I'm really sorry. They can lead to kidney infection so if you are still bad after surgery closes and really feeling unwell I would ring 111.
Best wishes. X

Esmay Fri 23-Sep-22 17:19:20

Hi Megs ,

Poor you !

Don't wait !

You need a GP appointment/treatment now .

Untreated cystitis can travel up into the kidneys causing pain and damage .

Plus -
here's what I do for my daughter - I buy over the counter Cymalon to reduce the acidity of her urine . I've bought it in Sainsburys .

I get her to drink as much Cranberry juice as I can .

And sit in warm water in preferably a Sitz bath -
We don't have one so we use an old baby bath .

And out of the bath -
everytime she pees she flushes a little warm water over her vulva .

Paracetamol and Ibuprofen relieve the pain .

I hope that you get the right antibiotic and get well soon .

Tizliz Fri 23-Sep-22 17:24:03

I thought pharmacists could give you anti-biotics for this infection. Try ringing your local one

Callistemon21 Fri 23-Sep-22 17:31:02


You don’t need to go to the surgery for tests , pee in a small clean bottle , and someone else can take it to the surgery for you

It has to go to the lab for more specific testing if one antibiotic didn't work and might be a bit late on a Friday - do samples have to be in by 3pm?

I would contact 111 asap, Megs, you do need the correct treatment.

tickingbird Fri 23-Sep-22 17:50:42

Doxycycline worked for me with a problematic UTI.

Megs36 Tue 27-Sep-22 19:18:24

Still got cystitis but now 2nd anti biotics starting today. Had a couple of bad turns during the last week,took painkillers. Very Strange question here, has anyone found a connection between Coca Cola and onset of cystitis? ( I drink this a fair amount and today and Saturday had some,both times. Each followed by very bad “attack “. Now drinking water as much as possible to flush out.
Thanks for previous comments.

Megs36 Tue 27-Sep-22 19:25:17

New prescription antibiotics areTrimethoprim

Callistemon21 Tue 27-Sep-22 19:25:50

I don't drink it, Megs but caffeine is a bladder irritant and bacteria feeds on sugar.

I find acidic foods eg tomatoes can act as an irritant too.

Callistemon21 Tue 27-Sep-22 19:28:35

Some people recommend drinking cranberry juice or taking cranberry tablets to help keep UTIs at bay but I don't know how effective it is.

UTIs do need prompt medical treatment. I hope your new antibiotics are soon effective.

crazyH Tue 27-Sep-22 19:34:29

Cystitis is nasty. There are two schools of thought on Cranberry juice, but if it doesn’t do any good, it certainly won’t harm. UTI is usually treated with a course of Trimethoprim. Doxycycline is usually for a chest infection, but I guess, it is an antibiotic and will serve the purpose.
When I had UTI symptoms, I took a sample in, but they couldn’t find anything. I drank lots of cranberry juice and water.
Caffeinated drinks can irritate the bladder, so try to avoid them.
Hope you feel better soon.

crazyH Tue 27-Sep-22 19:36:40

Meg36 - glad you’ve got Trimethoprim. That will sort you out.

Callistemon21 Tue 27-Sep-22 21:19:41

Taking a teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda in warm water can sometimes alleviate early symptoms of cystitis.

However, a UTI can be dangerous so seek medical help if the symptoms haven't gone quickly eg by the next morning.