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Early hay fever this year

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LadyHonoriaDedlock Mon 20-Mar-23 08:53:02

It's kicking off early for me this year. My eyes are stinging and streaming.

I'm wondering if it's my age or just my immune system extending its range of pollens to react against. The hazels and alders that line the nearby canal maybe.

Nell8 Mon 20-Mar-23 09:15:04

Same here, LHD I started taking loratadine tablets over a week ago after a visit to RHS Gardens, Wisley. I don't help myself by sticking my nose into any bloom I see, although the main threat is probably certain trees.

NanaDana Mon 20-Mar-23 10:08:45

I'm allergic to birch pollen, so it won't be long until those itchy eyes kick off again. My worst experienc was when I worked in Sweden for a number of years. So many birch trees there that when it rained in pollen season, the puddles had a yellow scum on them I went to the Doctor's in desperation, and showed my tablets, nasal spray and eyedrops, none of which were working very well. The Doc then asked me to return that afternoon, when he gave me a steroid injection. Within 24 hours all my symptoms had gone. A rather extreme solution, which it is not advisable to resort to on a regular basis, but I was most grateful at the time.