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Steroid injection side effects

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Drina01 Sun 02-Apr-23 07:01:31

I have had one of these injections 3 days ago for (for want of a better description) bursitis below the hip which has caused pain and numbness of the upper thigh. I was doing ok - however have developed some kind of enuresis hourly overnight and nausea. Have any other Gransnetters experienced this ? Also had nightmares and a bit down. Not me at all. Am prepared to ride it out if it makes a difference to the pain. It’s not as though I can stop taking it !

BigBertha1 Sun 02-Apr-23 07:30:15

Enuresis? Really..bed setting that doesn't sound right at all. I should let your GP know.

Drina01 Sun 02-Apr-23 08:23:10

It’s really wierd as never experienced it before - steroid injection is the only thing ‘in the mix’. Sunday isn’t the best day for anything health wise I think.

Franbern Sun 02-Apr-23 08:44:05

Talk to 111. Is the Enuresis continuing during the day time? You will need to report this asap, as it could be that the needle may have damaged the bladder.

Drina01 Sun 02-Apr-23 09:04:42

I’ve requested a nurse call re 111 - hopefully they can advise on what interactions different medications mix with whatever steroid was injected. I’ll also post on here if they think it is a reaction to help anyone else. You have these things done in blind faith.

FannyCornforth Sun 02-Apr-23 09:26:45

Good luck Drina, I hope that you get some help very soon thanks