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Consultation announced on "New Local Transport Strategy"

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Waverley Sun 03-Mar-13 20:21:13

The City of Edinburgh council wants to hear from you! Tell them what you think (now be polite!) by completing an online questionnaire at

They are drawing up a new five-year policy for 2014-2019. Ten transport issues where the council has a choice on how to proceed are explained in detail in the report "Developing the New Local Transport Strategy - Issues for Review" which can be found at the same URL.

The closing date for completing this survey is Sunday March 17th 2013 so you have less than a fortnight to make your views known.

GinnyTonic Wed 13-Mar-13 11:46:50

Very interesting - our son lives in Melbourne & we were really impressed by their transport strategy & consultation ( lots to read on Web). The aim has been that as many as possible can get to work in CBD ( Central Business District) in 20mins. Currently development has disabled/pram friendly trams replacing older vehicles on a massive stretch ( which we welcome with open arms for our visits)

Madrigal Thu 14-Mar-13 12:11:27

I used to live in Edinburgh and go back to visit friends at least twice a year. I love the place, but the tramworks have been a real disappointment. I hope the council gets transport right with its new strategy, it's such a wonderful place. I'll be up again for part of the festival in August and I'm looking forward to seeing progress. Two things I can say for Edinburgh's transport - the bus services are fantastic and the taxi drivers are probably the best in the world!