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What Do You Care About in Your Community?

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juneh Wed 14-Aug-13 14:43:11

Local libraries in Conwy and North Wales generally are under threat of closure. Although I loved the library and what it stands for I must admit until recently I didn't use it much myself, however where I live there are hundreds who do love to use it. It is part of the local community and should be preserved both for young families, children and the older generation who like to take out their weekly 4 for themselves and their housebound neighbours. That is why volunteers are beginning a process of taking over libraries and making them into small, thriving community centres. Penrhyn Bay Library is just one of these and needs local support to raise funds. You can visit the facebook page by clicking on this long link if you are interested in what we are doing.

juneh Sun 01-Sep-13 08:40:41

Cruise Dream is Sunk it seems. The great expectations we had here in Conwy was the arrival in September of the Waverley, the vintage paddle steamer which is now scuppered it seems due to the delay in sorting out the peer in Llandudno.
What marvellous trade it would have brought and so much for the local businesses. I once went on the Waverley in Scotland and it is a great feeling to sail on something so treasured. But hey ho! What happened means people have bought tickets and the fact that repairs to the landing stage on the pier have had set backs is no consolation.