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Is Living Longer a Good Thing?

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juneh Wed 18-Sep-13 09:18:26
Yesterday I went to see the doctor for some results from an x-ray a couple of weeks ago. He said as by way of cheering me up, 'just remember we are living twice the age of previous generations and we were never meant to be using our joints longer than past 44'. We laughed about it but of course that is true.
Should we be glad that modern science has helped us live longer?
I think so even though at times old age is harsh and often we can observe it to be painful in more ways than one. But now we can say we live to see our grandchildren grow older, we live a much fuller life with our friends and families, we get to see the world and what goes on in it and we can even lose a beloved partner and sometimes find new loves. We can learn new skills and see the wonders of the world though the media and internet. We know more than we ever did in previous generations. Nowadays we can cram three lives into one, I know I have, how about you?
I am thankful for my handful of tablets every morning that keep me ticking over. However I wouldn't want to outlive myself and would not want to lose my independence. As long as I have something to offer to those I love then life is worth something but until that time comes I am keeping my chin up.