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Two new meet up dates to consider

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Nana2TVJ Sun 06-Oct-13 19:24:01


I think it's time to plan another meet up and maybe get another one in after that before Xmas. Maybe it is a little early to suggest a mulled wine and mince pie meet up. Two possible dates for consideration are Monday 21st October or Wednesday 23rd October. We could try for a central Stratford location, I am rather partial to The Fourteas in Sheep Street, great food and lovely service and 1940's decor.

I will wait to see who can make it and look forward to some new faces joining us.

Nana2TVJ Mon 07-Oct-13 18:51:00

Suggest the first meet day time if possible, I know it's half term so I am open to an evening if preferred.

Nana2TVJ Sun 03-Nov-13 15:12:24


It looks like we are planning a meet up one evening next week in Warwick. Let me know who would like to join us smile

Nana2TVJ Sat 11-Jan-14 17:54:48


Happy New Year to one and all. I for one am starting the New Year with a firm resolution which is to rebuild my very sluggish social life and see if I can set myself some new challenges. Has anyone else got plans, if so please share them. Maybe we could all tag along.

Now who would like to meet up for a coffee/tea and some cake (even if it is calorie laden) If it's by day then I'm free Thursday or Friday or one evening would also suit. Please let me know who would like a meet up and when you are available.

Look forward to meeting old and new friends.

Sandra smile

Nada Wed 15-Jan-14 16:12:39

Hi Sandra, as you perhaps guessed I've been very tied up for the last few months but things will be easier now with only the grandchildren to worry about.

If you can get to Playbox in Warwick one Friday morning 11-12 we could have a chat while the littlies are in a session? Or failing that I am childless on Wednesdays - except for the school runs at either end of the day.

Or if you're feeling brave you can come to my house with your little one and she can play with the gang on a Monday or Tuesday. Be warned we had two little, friendly dogs.

Happy New Year smile

Nana2TVJ Wed 15-Jan-14 19:39:21

Hi Nada

Happy New Year. The Friday morning session you mentioned, could DGD join it for the hour or is she too young (nearly 21 months) as that sounds nice. If not then it would be lovely to come over and see you on a Tuesday. I will take an antihistamine in advance. Even if I only manage an hour it will be good to catch up.

I will wait to hear about Playbox then we can pm and set a date. Shall I see if Helen is free as I see her on a Monday morning at a group.


Nada Thu 16-Jan-14 09:46:12

Hi Sandra,

Sadly she's too young as it's aged 3+ but she can come along and play there. The older ones go into a studio so we can sit in the big reception area and she can run around there in safety. Is tomorrow too soon?

Nana2TVJ Thu 16-Jan-14 10:33:08

Hi Nada, tomorrow sounds lovely. My little DGD will certainly run around. She never stays still. I will check out location and aim to meet you in the reception area. It will be lovely to see you.


Nada Thu 16-Jan-14 10:53:18

find playbox

If you click on this link it will help. If you then go to home it will tell you about Playbox Theatre. I usually get there about 10 minutes early ...10.40am, see you there smile

Nada Thu 16-Jan-14 10:58:07

PS just follow the road round through the front and side of the school and run past the enclosed netted games area. First time you're bound to get lost!!

Nada Thu 16-Jan-14 10:58:33

run should read 'round'.