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juneh Mon 07-Oct-13 12:35:41

Hello from me to you. I am the editor of Gransnet Conwy your very own site where you can talk in confidence about what bothers you or what makes you happy. I love to hear about families and grandchildren and all the ups and downs that entails.
My background is as a therapist with 20 years experience having trained as a psychotherapist in 1987, before that I was a nurse/health visitor in the health service . I have been widowed 11 years ago then remarried and retired moving from Manchester to Llandudno 6 years ago. I like to write, paint and talk, the latter being my favourite. I have 6 grandchildren 2 with my daughter and 4 step grandchildren with Brian my second husband.
I am here to keep you company through dark and lonely times and hopefully be a listening ear if you want to rant, moan or need a bit of moral support. On the other hand I am also here to have a laugh. I hope you will come on and chat whenever you want. Remember it is all confidential. smile

Gala Mon 07-Oct-13 15:34:57

And it's hallo from me. I hear you juneh and wish I was as confident with the written word. Having a chat is one thing but putting 'pen to paper', as it were, in an open forum is, I think, a bit daunting for some of us. Maybe a bit reminiscent of our schooldays when we were required to write about everything we did/had seen/learnt etc. My 2 sons never wanted to have too much of an interesting weekend as they'd 'have to write about it on Monday'. Nevertheless my youngest earns his living writing! And there's the worry of putting together a coherent sentence never mind the spelling! If I voice an opinion will everyone think I'm stupid/thick/a daft old biddy? Once it's written and published it's there forever. Talking is ephemeral and quite easily forgotten. See? Fraught with problems for us amateurs! Still I'll keep giving it a go. I have tried in the past, tapped an icon (or whatever) and watched my carefully typed out words disappear into cyberspace lost forever - there you go, another problem. Technology this time.
Ok, time to press a button!

juneh Mon 07-Oct-13 16:24:55

Hello Gala and thanks for your very eloquent reply. I too have not always had confidence believe me and still don't because I often write as I think and speak then realise I have dropped some gaff or other. Spelling mistakes or not saying quite what I meant to say are often because I rush to get my thoughts down. However on here you can see it before you send it. (but still drop gaffs)
I remember my school days with horror and also leaving school at 15 with nothing in terms of a school certificates. So lacking in confidence has certainly always been something I have struggled up hill with. Fit only for what in the north was described as factory fodder on leaving school. Battling all the way to improve myself over they years.
I know what you mean by sending stuff out into cyber space but I console myself with the idea that there is so much junk no one will notice mine. I tend to think of the yesterdays chip paper analogy, although of course nowadays everything is much quicker.
Remember all on here is anonymous and also gransnet has a set of rules
too to protect anyone like you and me. I have copied and pasted the info below.
Please do keep writing I love hearing from you.

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We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Any identifying information we ask you to provide will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.

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AnnB Fri 18-Oct-13 14:53:53

It is just great to have friends whether through cyberspace or meeting at the shops or for a coffee. June sounds so welcoming I am looking forward to seeing what develops as more people get involved. Reading through the discussion , it seems to me it's an opportunity to sit back and consider our own position and goals. I wonder if Gala had identified the worry about the written word before this, or if juneh had looked back on her career (which sounds great) and strivings with such clarity. My problem is I tend to open my mouth or put pen to paper without enough consideration but when the site is so friendly I don't feel it's a problem!!

juneh Fri 18-Oct-13 20:27:59

Hi AnnB it's true that cyberspace knows no boundaries. I can remember when my first beloved husband was dying and I wandered around the house haunted by my own grief whilst he slept. Night time was the worst time but the one thing that gave me such comfort was being able to chat to strangers who became anonymous friends with sympathetic ears. I could write anything without fear of prejudice and there are those out there who know what you are feeling and have experienced something similar.
I didn't care what I wrote back then because I knew it would be OK and I have never forgotten what that felt like, so that is why I am promoting this page to those who need to talk about what matters in an anonymous way.

I know what you mean about just writing down what you want to say without worries and that is how it should be [thismile]

Gala Sat 26-Oct-13 17:36:42

"For someone who has always worked in journalism - which for better or worse is an ephemeral offering, meant to be read at speed one day and used to line the cats' tray the next - the idea that the flickery web is always up there, like the sky at night, is disconcerting." And that is from an article by Vicki Woods of The Daily Telegraph, a journalist of many years standing. If she finds cyberspace disconcerting what chance for me? I rest my case. I think. Possibly...?

Mutleygal Sat 10-Sep-16 14:35:26

Hello I realize this is an old thread but I am trying to reach Conwy people about the council proposing to sell the civic hall to Wetherspoons.
If you love Conwy as much as I do you may like to sign the petition. More info
[email protected]
Thanks all and pass this on please.!