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Henrietta Fri 01-Nov-13 20:09:04

I am so angry I am just going to have a wee rant here on Gransnet Edinburgh. It's Friday, I've worked hard all week, and I'm due a rant.
About 6 weeks ago I bought myself a rain jacket from M&S. It was lovely, fitted perfectly, had all the features I wanted - hood, large collar to turn up in the wind, zip and buttons to fasten, pockets deep enough to hold things - and I started wearing it right away. So, no, I didn't keep the receipt. It was a Per Una one - clue there, WAS, - in a lovely airforce blue, with stripes on the cuffs of the sleeves,and I wore it wherever I went. In fact, one night a fortnight ago I wore it when I went to play bridge, and at the end of the evening when I went to put it on - IT WASN'T THERE!!!
Whoever had taken it had left a quite similar one in its place, except for the fact that it wasn't the same and it was - 2 SIZES SMALLER!!!!
Well, I have asked and asked at the club to no avail, I have put up a notice and emailed some folks from another club who were there that night, but no joy. So I thought I would just go to M&S and buy another. Write it off to experience. Well, no. I have been to M&S Princes St, the Gyle, Craigleith, Fort Kinnaird, and tonight I went to M&S outlet at Meadowbank. No luck. They don't do that jacket any more. And, before you ask, if you have read this far, it's not on their website either. It is no more. It is as if it had never existed. Last season's style, I've been told. (Good grief, I only bought it 6 weeks ago).
So, all I can say is this - ladies of Edinburgh, I am watching you, and when I see the *** who is walking around in my jacket, which will be far too big for them, I will be taking matters into my own hands.
I can't believe that someone who shares a common interest would do something as mean, stupid and juvenile. There were old snotty paper hankies in the pockets - I hope they catch something off them.
Ooh, it's good to have a rant, it should be compulsory every so often. Thanks for listening.