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Thinking of moving to Leamington Spa

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spalikeit Wed 27-Nov-13 17:37:12

DH and I have sold up the family home in Leeds and are living in rental accommodation in the area but have decided that we want to start a new chapter in a different part of the country, hopefully a bit nearer to our DDs who live in London.
We are wondering if Leamington Spa might be a reasonable compromise as trains to London seem frequent and not too expensive. The town appears to offer plenty of activities and a pleasant environment but we would love to hear more from anyone who lives there or has lived there in the recent past. All info would be most welcome but here are a few questions to start the ball rolling:
What areas would be best to live for a non-driver (myself)? What areas to avoid? Any pitfalls in terms of housing, e.g potential flooding/insurance issues? We do not want to rent again so we need to gather as much info on this as possible.
How lively is the social and cultural scene? I would be interested in U3A for instance and have checked out its website. It would still be great to hear any first-hand accounts though.
Is there any coarse fishing in the area for DH?
Is the Chiltern Railways company and its network as good as is reported?
Very much looking forward to hearing your ideas.

Nana2TVJ Sun 01-Dec-13 18:19:03

Hello Spalikeit,

I hope you get some replies from local folks who have lived in Royal Leamington Spa. I have worked in the area for a short time and found many aspects delightful. I'm sure you have searched the web but I have put a few links that are worth looking at.

Hope these help. If & when you decide to move to Warwickshire then let us know so we at Gransnet can arrange a local meet up.

Regards smile