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farmgal Wed 26-Feb-14 14:35:57

I have just completed the gransnet survey for local sites and then clicked the link to see if anyone met up in my area - either Ipswich or Suffolk. As I expected - no one did! Iknow an attempt was made last year but that seems to have failed before starting. I know from the Saga site that it is extremely difficult to get anything going in this part of the world, which is a great shame. Can anyone explain why??

chloe1984 Wed 26-Feb-14 19:39:06

Am relatively new to gransnet so can offer no explanation as to why things seem a bit difficult to get off the ground in our neck of the woods. Do you know if there are many members who are living within the Suffolk area?

Pittcity Fri 21-Mar-14 16:32:26

Hi, I am the editor of GN local Colchester, which covers the CO postcode area and thus the southern part of Suffolk. We have the same problem in getting local support and I know that Chelmsford, that covers the CM postcode, does too.
We know that there are lurkers out there who read the sites but do not contribute.
HQ are putting out a lot of national advertising about the local sites, which are only just a year old, and we hope that may help build the enthusiasm.

Raymond80 Sat 05-Apr-14 17:20:53

Hi all.

It is probably because there has been no local editors allocated for the Suffolk and Norfolk webpages. Generating any interest at all may have been rather fruitful.

Luckily I am the new Suffolk editor and I have already made deals with the Suffolk Central Libraries and Suffolk Family Carers. Once I get into full swing I hope to have the place absolutely buzzing with activity!

I have only really started today!! Haha smile

Keep posting all; your feedback is excellent. The more critical, the better because I know where I need to move and who I need to talk to.

What would you like to see? Who would you like to meet? Where would you like to meet? What info would you like? Where would you like to see this going?


Raymond smile

chloe1984 Fri 25-Apr-14 19:54:32

Hi I would like to see some local events of any nature also some meet ups would be good fun.any info is good for example have just seen in local paper that a Cambridgeshire bus company have started running a coastal bus from BSE bus station and it will take senior bus passes. Also perhaps volunteering opportunities within the area not sure if any of this is helpful or relevant. Wish you success in your new role.

Raymond80 Fri 02-May-14 10:57:42

Thanks Chloe!

Those are all great suggestions.

I will start adding those smile

BlueBelle Wed 07-Sep-16 21:52:59

I think the problem is Suffolk is a big sprawled out county I m right at the top without a car so it's a long way to the Essex border or even Ipswich/ Colchester for a cup of coffee May be there's not too many Suffolk grans talking, there certainly doesn't feel as if there is, I m in the second largest town in Suffolk so you would expect there to be some interest up this way

lonniefrances Tue 04-Oct-16 14:42:44

I'm fairly near Woodbridge, anyone up this way?

Geraldine1949 Thu 02-Mar-17 11:24:23

Anyone interested in joining up to do local editing for Gransnet? I'm keen but not on my own.....