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Sussex Saturday meet-up

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Wayfinder Sat 17-May-14 13:18:12

Hi everyone,
A couple of local Gransnetters who met up last month are suggesting a Saturday morning get-together, as many of us have busy weekdays and would find a Saturday more convenient.
They enjoyed meeting at Miss Mabel's in Burgess Hill, and have recommended it for the next one. Here's the link:
If you'd like to join us, or suggest another date/location if this one is not convenient for you, please post on the topic below rather than on this one. Start from Thurs 17 April 23:46:11
Hope to see lots of Sussex Gransnetters there smile

dogsma Sat 03-Jan-15 15:58:06

Hi Wayfinder,

I am assuming that you are Anna, local editor for East and West Sussex groups. I have recently joined GN and have started new threads on the B&H local and also general GN forum asking about the local B&H group.

So far not a single reply!! Is the B&H group still running? If not are you interested in trying to revitalise it? I'd be happy to help. On the east side of Brighton where I live, there is a free monthly magazine covering what's happening in the 'Deans'(Ovingdean,Rottingdean,Woodingdean
and Saltdean) and I'm sure there are other similar publications around Brighton. As community magazines I'm sure they would give a little space free of charge to advertise the website with a short description of what it's all about. What about a short flyer to go up in libraries, community centres, doctor's and health clinics, playgroups etc. They are the sort of places most grans who do active childcare go to.

Hope this gets to you, it is quite an old thread.