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The village fête - the same old stuff?

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Pinballwizz Fri 06-Jun-14 10:12:05

Warm beer, welly-throwing and cake-stall or a vibrant tradition that keeps the village alive?

geeljay Fri 13-Jun-14 23:33:33

We just love fetes, especially in this weather. And Morris dance, too. but so?

Pinballwizz Sun 15-Jun-14 11:49:07

Nowt wrong with Morris dancing... Some villages alternate the fête with a Summer street party thingy - oompah band, continental café, bouncy castle and beer (and wine) tent. As ever, having the sun shine helps a lot.

geeljay Sun 15-Jun-14 23:52:47

Agree. Both my son and grandson dance Morris, though grandson's priorities are slightly modifying just lately. Son is even grappling with a squeezebox and progressing well. We have been educated into visiting many lovely Devon pubs, for their Friday night dance, that we would otherwise never have visited. So for us, makes a pleasant Friday evening out.