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Sandy217 Sun 15-Jun-14 10:38:23

Hi everyone

Just a little note to say that I will shortly be leaving my post as Gransnet Local Editor for Somerset. I've very much enjoyed being part of the Gransnet "family", made many new friends and learned lots that I didn't know about our great county. If you think this post might be for you, please contact [email protected] to find out more.

All the best

Wallygrom Mon 04-Aug-14 18:07:38

And thanks to Sandy for holding the fort for so long! I am your new editor, my name is Dee and I would like to just say hello to you all!
I would love to get to know you all so please drop by and leave a message on here or of course you can contact me direct via email - just click on the contact button top right and your emails will come through to me.

I currently also run the Wiltshire site and have also been working on the Bath one, so a very busy lady as I also work full time managing a sheltered and extracare housing scheme in Bath.

I have four lovely grandchildren and feel very blessed to have these wonderful human beings in my life - sadly they all live some 250 mile approx from me so I don't see them often but Skype is a wonderful way of keeping in contact.

Anyway thats a little introduction from me - perhaps you would be kind enough to do the same? Thanks - Dee