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Tour de France via Rochdale

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never2old Thu 03-Jul-14 13:31:16

Wondered if anyone will be going out to watch the riders go past in the Tour de France. It's a long wait. Spectators are being asked to be in place by 10.30am and yet the riders aren't expected to pass by until 1.45pm. That's a long time to stand around on a draughty old moorside next to Blackstone Edge reservoir. DH wants to go but I think I might be giving that one a miss.

Has anyone ever queued for hours or waited in great anticipation for an event only to find they wish they hadn't bothered or was it well worth the wait.

Pittcity Thu 03-Jul-14 14:51:50

I think if it is a once in a lifetime opportunity then it is worth it.

I remember arriving hours before midnight in order to get a good spot on London Bridge on Millennium Eve. It was cold and crowded but we knew it would never happen again so we cracked open the champagne and enjoyed ourselves.

We failed to get tickets for the 2012 Olympics, so we stood in the rain to watch the Marathon. Once again it was well worth it.

But you'd never catch me camping out to buy the latest smartphone or a sale bargain, a Wimbledon ticket or to see le Tour. These things are not once only opportunities that are worth queuing for.

never2old Thu 03-Jul-14 20:15:48

I remember the Millennium Eve, trekking round Saddleworth in the rain smile, it was a good atmosphere despite the weather and was very well attended.

I remember sitting in the car all night at the closing of the Commonwealth games in Manchester, again in the rain, waiting for the fireworks. The opening fireworks were so spectacular on TV that we decided we'd go and watch them at the closing ceremony but thanks to the heavy rain they fizzled a bit. We could hear Heather Small of M People singing.

Might just cycle up the canal if its not raining on Saturday just to see how many people are up there.

Sandy217 Fri 04-Jul-14 10:38:53

I've never done anything exciting like that though I did take my then young daughter off school once when Princess Ann was coming to town and we waited rather a long time to see her and all the local dignitaries. It was a great atmosphere though and hopefully a local event she'll remember. Doesn't sound very exciting, but it's that old thing "being there" smile

never2old Fri 04-Jul-14 14:53:07

Yes, I know what you mean Sandy about the "being there". My husband had us cycling up the canal this morning to see if we could see where to come off close to where the race will be but only got half way there. It was quite funny really - another once in a lifetime thing.

We had just been talking to a man making his way on his bike to Hebden Bridge as le tour passes right through the town I think. He'd stopped to ask us if he would be able to get all the way to Hebden Bridge on the canal or would he need to go on the road. He'd just set off again when there was an almighty bang, like a gunshot - my husband had put too much air in his tyre and it just suddenly exploded, nearly gave the poor chap heart failure. Have never known that happen before, certainly woke us all up.

I've noticed a lot of people out on bikes today, people who you don't normally see on bikes riding around. Would be nice if it rubs off on people a bit and encourages more cycling, just have to make sure we don't scare them away with exploding tyres lol.

AnnB Sun 06-Jul-14 21:47:32

Had a report from a friend who was in Ilkley for thew Tour de France. She said it was amazing , and well worth the wait. Lots of publicity vehicles came through first throwing out free samples and sweets to the children. There was a huge cheer when the 'Yorkshire Tea'; float went through apparently! Then there was the excitement of the riders themselves plus all the other people on bicycles as Ilkley has the second largest cycling club in the country. After the riders had gone by there was a huge celebration in the local park, which was packed and two huge screens up to watch the rest of the race. It sounds as if the key to enjoyment might be the organisational effort put in, but our friends enjoyed it hugely..good luck to the other areas, and we hope it goes as well!!!