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Little Lunches for the Dougie Mac

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PipR Fri 01-Aug-14 23:25:32

Thank you. Yes, the website is marvellous. My friend has also joined and would love to attend a get-together soon, so we're both looking forward to that.

AnnB Fri 01-Aug-14 17:55:50

PipR - we missed you, but we all hoped everything was going well for you, and worked out OK in the end. We loved the food at the Orange Tree and we've sent a donation of £10 to the Douglas Macmillan Hospice! I'm going to try to put up a photo I took today or tomorrow. There were a lot of people on holiday so we'll arrange something else later after the summer. I hope you keep enjoying the website!!

PipR Fri 01-Aug-14 09:06:56

My apologies for not making it - minor family crisis. I hope everyone had so good time!

PipR Mon 28-Jul-14 10:22:57

Thanks, I'm looking forward to it.

AnnB Fri 25-Jul-14 21:15:24

More news, some friends from Mumsnet Staffordshire might now be joining us should be fun!

AnnB Thu 24-Jul-14 22:41:39

PipR that's wonderful news. For all and PipR the table is now booked for 1pm next Thursday and we really really look forward to meeting you there! Let us know if you can in case we have to book a bigger table, but if you cannot let us know don't let that stop you turning up!!!

PipR Wed 23-Jul-14 22:27:18

Thank you! I live in Stoke-on-Trent so that's a perfect location for me. I may entice a friend, who became a grandmother a couple of weeks ago, and also in Stoke, to join and come along as well. It's all very exciting!

AnnB Mon 21-Jul-14 15:30:07

PipR - great to hear from you, no not too late at all. I was thinking of the Orange Tree on A34 near Aldi and Tesco at 1pm on Thursday 31st July, but if you are based in South Staffordshire or near another town we could fix up something there on another date, let me know where you would like to go and welcome to all others as well! I'm ringing the Orange Tree to see if we can get a light lunch for £10 or less and I propose we all give about £2 to the Dougie Mac Hospice, is that OK? It'll be great to talk about being a grandparent PipR, you won't believe how wonderful it is!!!

PipR Sun 20-Jul-14 09:59:37

I've just joined - although not officially a grandmother until 25 December. Am I too late to join in with a lunch?

AnnB Tue 08-Jul-14 18:53:01

The Douglas MacMillan Hospice would like us to raise funds by having Little Lunches with friends or family, and contributing a little something to the cost of lunches at the Hospice. Gransnet would like to organise something at the end of July or beginning of August so any suggestions welcome? We could meet for a picnic or at a pub or restaurant? Meanwhile if anyone else wants to organise their own event please contact Dougie Mac for a pack, it needn't be a large event!