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Age UK The Big Knit.

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Nelliemoser Wed 23-Jul-14 23:37:17

Forgive me for sounding thick, but what is the purpose of knitting bottle tops for a branded product Innocent drinks.

If that company just want to support Age UK why not just give them money from their profits?

Then knitters could do something really useful with their spare time and spare yarn by knitting useful garments instead of useless novelties.

Or just by knitting good warm clothes hats or scarves for the homeless or elderly of Newcastle on Tyne.

If anyone has a sensible explanation of what the company does with knitted bottle covers please let me know.

Winnieknowswhatshedid Wed 23-Jul-14 09:20:05

Age UK Newcastle are looking for keen knitters to help raise funds to help keep our local older people warm and well during the coming winter.

All knitting abilities can take part, details here Get Knitting!

I'm going to dig out my knitting needles and give it a go. I fancy trying the pom pom Elvis but I think its beyond my limited knitting abilities!

Watch this space!