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The Perfect Handbag

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Wallygrom Tue 16-Sep-14 13:49:26

OK not sure if its just me, but has anyone yet to find the perfect handbag that carries everything you need neatly rather than all being thrown in the bottom?

My long trusted 'friend' has finally given out on me after 20 years approx and I cannot find anything near as good to replace it with.

After all, we women do tend to carry the kitchen sink with us don't we?

I need compartments - some largish to take purse, make up bag, comb, and some smaller ones for mobile, pens, medication & Sunscreen which I have to use & carry with me 365 days of the year . I don't want a REALLY heavy bag, I want a shoulder one really with the option of a handle and I want a secure fastening other than a press stud!

I don't want to pay stupid money, would prefer leather or a good quality non leather one. I want style. I want something that will go with everything. I want practical.

Am I asking too much these days?? If you have found the perfect bag please let me know......

Icyalittlebit Tue 16-Sep-14 14:36:07

Hi Wallygrom I struggle to find one that does everything too, but I now have one of those liners like this that I can swap from one bag to another. It means I can choose a bag by its outside, even if there aren't enough pockets for my needs (yep, kitchen sink here too), and if I want to use a different bag for something I just move the liner. TKMaxx always has a good selection of nice leather, or an Outlet village. I used to HATE having a great heap of stuff at the bottom of a deep bag.

Wallygrom Tue 16-Sep-14 16:32:05

Hey Icyalittlebit what a fab idea! I have never seen one of these before and so much easier to swap bags with - will deffo invest in one when they come in stock - thank you for this suggestion! That makes getting a bag sooo much easier . I am actually going to Clarks Village in Street at the weekend so will take a look intheir factory shop for a bag now I know I can get these - what a brill idea! thank you!

Icyalittlebit Tue 16-Sep-14 17:23:11

You can get them on line here but I think Amazon might be cheaper. You might be able to buy one at the Village too. Glad you like the idea smile