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Splendid new library?

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WhatHoe Mon 30-Mar-15 16:27:31

Not sure how I feel about that. There's sense in building what promises to be a fantastic new History Centre in the old Central Library space for 2020, but a bright'n'shiny modern edifice replacing layers and stacks of literary atmosphere? Plymouth City Council are opening up debate this month so we can give our views on facilities, and say how we might use the new space and even how we'd like the inside to be arranged.
Am I horribly old-fashioned to be rather sad?

Mutleygal Sat 30-Jul-16 12:02:08

Very disappointed in the new library. Trying hard to be trendy but it's more like a branch library than the main library for Plymouth? Fiction books are arranged by genre instead of alphabetically by authors surname. I can't find anything. Nobody uses the subject index any more: the Dewey system which worked perfectly for years has gone.
I miss the separate Naval History, Local History and a proper Reference Library.
They have been selling off their stock for years; they will regret letting good books go for a pittance.
Plymouth deserved a brilliant new library to be proud of, but this isn't it.