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Ju1160 Tue 28-Apr-15 20:58:08

Well they've finally all gone. I only have 2 daughters but it's been a long and drawn out process for them to finally leave. My eldest's partner practically lived with us for 2 years before they bought a house so it felt like I had 3 children! They proceeded to have 2 children and when the youngest was 9 months old they moved back in with us because their house was too small, they couldn't sell so rented it out. Their return coincided with my youngest moving in with her partner of 3 years. So, one out but 4 back in!!!
Within a few months my youngest returned as it didn't work out with her partner living together ( at least they didn't get married & have any children). So, there were now 7 of us at home ( plus 2 rabbits they had brought with them!!) luckily our house is big enough for us all to have some space but the kitchen was a bit tight.
At the beginning of this year the eldest bought a new house and they all moved out, I do miss them but am also enjoying the peace. However, daughter no. 2 had now got new boyfriend and he was living with us most of the time.
This week, no.2 moved out with her boyfriend so we are alone at last in this huge house ( except for the rabbits, they are still here!)
Does this story sound familiar to anyone?
Anyway, we are going to put the house up for sale & have contemplated buying a barge so there won't be room for anyone to come back..... Only joking.wink

Carolynswalsh Sun 21-Feb-16 00:50:40

I think you are in the ideal position now,the peace and quiet of your own home but your grandchildren nearby.My grandchildren live in Devon which is a long and expensive journey on the train.My ideal would be more frequent less intensive visits,that would suit me fine.We realise that we have got very used to our own space on the very rare occasion they have the time to visit us,delighted as we are ro see them.