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Beccles Meet Up Thursday 30th March at 11 30 Kings Head All Welcome

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seacliff Sun 19-Mar-17 12:35:12

Just to confirm, we have a definite date booked at last for our first Beccles meet up. Thursday 30th March. We'll be in the foyer of the Kings Head,Market Square, Beccles at 11 30am.

Hope to see as many as possible, this will be my first meetup ever, looking forward to meeting you all.

I see that Thebeeb recently posted on the original thread, I hope you can combine it with visiting your relatives in Beccles, would be good to see you too.

If we are lucky we could have 7 of us :- Lucycakeface, Eggybread72, Lonniefrancis, Moonshadow, Bluebelle, Thebeeb (possible), and me, apologies if I've missed anyone out.

Any other Gransnetters in the area are also very welcome of course.

seacliff Thu 30-Mar-17 07:29:40

Lovely day so far, looking forward to our first Gransnet meet up today, Everyone welcome.

lucycakeface Thu 30-Mar-17 10:33:52

Seacliff will see you all soon can't wait!