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Simple Play, a Grandparents Duty?

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marionsview Mon 03-Apr-17 09:26:43

It is down to us 'Grands' to re-introduce the youngsters to the simpler pleasures. Parents it seems are often so tied up with making money and bringing up the kids, they can cave under the peer pressure of buying the latest this or that, to keep the peace. Those of us a little more removed from the situation can perhaps take the time to splash in muddy puddles, make sandcastles or show a youngster how to make something for themselves. As a lover of large cardboard boxes and plasticine when I was a child, I always take pleasure in seeing more simple play activities and met a lovely young mum enjoying a local park recently. She took her toddler over the play equipment but then they seemed to have much more fun just playing hide-and-seek behind the mature trees. We are so lucky in Dorset to have a great deal of wonderful open spaces, beaches and parks. Where is your favourite place? Please share in our listings and give a review to help others entertain their