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Local Meet Up May 2017

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GrannyPatchwork Mon 10-Apr-17 22:23:38

Hi everyone

The first local meet up is going to be at 10.30am on Thursday 4th May in the garden centre at Port Sunlight. It's got a big car park and is 5 minutes from Port Sunlight Station and 10 minutes from the A41 where buses stop.

The cafe is quite big. I'll be there early to get us a table. 😀

GrannyPatchwork Thu 04-May-17 09:07:11

Meet up is today!

Weaver Thu 04-May-17 14:51:56

Lovely to meet up this morning. Thank you GrannyPatchwork for organising and choosing such an accessible venue. I hope we can all meet again soon, and that even more Gransnetters will be able to join in next time.

Teedee Fri 19-May-17 11:55:04

Hi GrannyPatchwork: I'd love to join one of your meet-ups but live in West Wirral (near bus and train), don't drive and also look after grandchildren on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'll keep checking and hopefully will have the opportunity to perhaps attend during school holidays.

GrannyPatchwork Wed 24-May-17 11:18:29

It would be lovely to meet you - we haven't arranged another meeting yet but will do. Do you not look after them in the holidays?

Mindy1 Sun 23-Jul-17 12:44:49

Hi everyone, I am wondering if there are any plans for another meet up. There doesn't seem to have been any recent activity in this regard so I just thought I'd put it out there for discussion if anyone is interested.

GrannyPatchwork Mon 24-Jul-17 00:43:49

Hi - Yes hoping to arrange one in next couple of weeks if people are around.

GrannyPatchwork Sun 30-Jul-17 11:51:49

Anyone up for a meeting next week or the week after?

GrannyPatchwork Wed 30-Aug-17 12:46:55

Second meet up is now booked for Wednesday 6th September at Burleydam Garden Centre. 10.30am in the cafe!