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Relocating to the Wirral

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Hmmm14 Wed 12-Apr-17 10:27:20

Hi everyone,

I hope you can help? I'm looking for insider info on the wirral as we will soon be relocating there and I don't know the area.

I have been told that Heswall and West Kirby etc are nice, but would love to know more about Bromborough / Spital - we had a fleeting visit the other day and quite liked what we saw. Could anyone tell me more about these areas? What is it like to live there? Where's best to look / avoid? I loved the idea of being near the country park (more of a trees person than a beach person).

From what I could see there is a good bus network which is handy as I don't drive and we quite liked the idea of being able to get to Liverpool and Chester by train too. How do you find it in reality?

Thanks so... much for all your help and wonderful insight.


GrannyPatchwork Wed 12-Apr-17 19:41:39

Hi Hmmmm!

I live in Bromborough now and previously lived in Spital!

Bromborough has a good village centre with lots of shops to browse and food shop - it's accessible by bus from the outlying housing areas. Parts of it are near the busy A41 but lots of houses are nearer to Willaston and Raby Mere and the countryside.

Spital is mainly a vast housing estate split into two halves by the road to Bromborough. You can walk into the country park directly from one side and even from the other it's 15 mins tops. There are only a few little shops in the precinct but Bebington Village is walkable in half an hour or bus or drive in about 5 mins. There is a little bus which serves the Spital estate as from the some parts it is quite a walk to the precinct for older people.

I loved Spital as a young mum with 3 children - there were 33 children in our cul de sac and the kids had a lovely childhood. Now we're grandparents we like living in Bromborough on a wider road where local children don't play out ! I like the fact that as I get older I could easily get the bus into the village or the retail park for free to shop.

The Croft retail park is easily accessible by car or bus and has really good range of big shops, restaurants, and a cinema and bowling place.

Heswall itself is very very busy - nice big shopping area but traffic awful. West Kirby is nice for a visit but wouldn't really want to live there as again it's busy with day trippers in summer, cold by the coast in winter and doesn't have a feel of a 'centre' as it's bit spread out.

Anything you want to know if you're going ahead just get in touch! Hopefully you might be able to join us at a meet up one day!

Hmmm14 Thu 13-Apr-17 10:21:54

Wow, thanks for all that fantastic info GrannyPatchwork. That is so.... helpful grin.

We will be popping down again soon and I'm quite looking forward to getting to know the are a bit better.

Thanks for all your help. The info is invaluable.