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Could you do with a companion pet?

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sammymcf1 Wed 09-Aug-17 17:27:57

Hi everyone, i have a friend who recently had a baby and unfortunately her gorgeous cat gizmo is not taking it very well and needs to be rehomed.

he is 9.5 years old so is not the young cat the cat and dog home are looking for but he is an affectionate and cuddly cat who loves his owner. hes a bit spoiled in the cuddles department so he needs someone with a bit of time to give him the love he needs.

he is neutered, microchipped and all of that, comes with all his bedding, food dishes, food, toys, scratching post ect ect

he would suit someone on their own with a garden or balcony. the owner has had him since he was 8 weeks old but he is just not adjusting well to having a new baby around. :-(

if anyone has any thoughts please get in touch. we would rather see him go to someone than to a home.

happy thoughts xx