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sunshine234 Wed 06-Sep-17 15:53:04

This is just to let you know about an interesting new volunteering opportunity, just for over 50s that has begun in Suffolk
Give More Get Moreis a new project from the national charity Volunteering Matters. They are looking for volunteers aged 50+ who are keen to use their skills and experience to support a young disabled person through a transition point in their life.
The aim is to supportyoung disabled people transition from full time education to thenext stage. Volunteers will help young people plan their future, and keep them on track.
Currently, there is a real lack of help and support during this important stage of a young person’s life. Often, without support, they end up either going back into care due to deterioration of skills and health, getting involved in anti social activity or developing mental health issues.
Give More Get More is asking for a commitment of up to 15 hours a week over three months. It is an intensive volunteering opportunity that should see huge positive rewards for both you and your young person.
More information: