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sunshine234 Thu 04-Jan-18 13:58:59

Hello and Happy New Year!

You may have heard that Gransnet Local is changing in 2018.

From the end of January, Gransnet Local will be evolving to focus solely on our forums, which means that there will no longer be listings, local adverts or local editors.

The Local forums will be incorporated into the Gransnet main site, which will make communication with others in your local area - and organising meet-ups - much easier.

A separate Local topic is already available on the Gransnet forums to help you pinpoint your local area. This can be found here:

I will be staying on as local ambassador, helping on the forums and helping to organise meet-ups in your area. I will introduce myself again on the forums so you'll know whose username to look out for!

We hope these changes will make Gransnet Local a better resource for all.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2018!

seacliff Thu 04-Jan-18 15:23:01

Thanks sunshine. Why has this been done do you know? I know a lot of people had been recruited by GN in the past, and had gone to some effort to make a success of the local sites.

I'm assuming it just hasn't worked?

sunshine234 Fri 05-Jan-18 18:18:03

I am not sure why - it is quite expensive for them to have so many local editors, but we havn't really been given a solid reason.

I think it is purely a business decision.

Sad though - the Suffolk site could have been a really useful resource for us all, as everything is so spread out in our county.

I'll tweet for GN Suffolk and try and revive the Facebook page so we can share things that interest us, and keep up to date.

seacliff Fri 05-Jan-18 19:08:47

Thanks Sunshine. I just went and looked at the GN Suffolk facebook page out of curiosity. The last entry was 2014!!

We can still arrange any meetups on the main site of course.

lonniefrances Sat 06-Jan-18 08:32:03

Thank you Sunshine, will keep a watch on main site and hope we get to meet up soon .

sunshine234 Mon 08-Jan-18 15:40:23

Yep - you are right it was 2014!!! before my time and the Suffolk facebook page needs reviving and I will do it as soon as GN HQ get round to letting me be admin (I'm still waiting...)

So please will you 'like' the Suffolk FB page in advance, so we will all be able to keep in contact once they switch off the main local page?