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That buggy on the tube line

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thatbags Tue 12-Aug-14 08:02:25

That baby buggy that blew onto the tube rails... was the brake on, I wonder?

Gagagran Tue 12-Aug-14 08:21:53

I wondered how the mother managed to avoid being electrocuted when she jumped onto the rails to rescue her baby.

thatbags Tue 12-Aug-14 08:24:54

Thank goodness she did manage to rescue the child!!!! Gives me the shudders just thinking about the possible outcome.

POGS Tue 12-Aug-14 08:26:44

that bags.

I saw this yesterday and when I watched the clip again today I couldn't help noticing the young man with his back to the pram. He was wearing earphones presumably listening to music. He was totally oblivious to anything going on yards away from him. Even when he does look round he still keeps his arms folded watching the mother trying to get the pram off the track. Perhaps he was stunned.

I should imagine the mum was shouting out of fear. It does show how wearing head phones has caused so many accidents and fatalities is my point.

It must have been a terrifying experience for the mother.

thatbags Tue 12-Aug-14 08:29:36

I only saw still pictures, pogs, which showed no-one near the buggy on the platform.

Grannyknot Tue 12-Aug-14 08:57:29

For me this is the scary part - the buggy wasn't anywhere near the edge of the platform, it was up against the wall at the foot of the stairs. Some people came down the stairs and turned to whichever platform they needed without paying any attention to the buggy.

Those parents will probably shudder every time they think of what happened next, for the rest of their lives.

suebailey1 Tue 12-Aug-14 09:00:24

It does get really windy down there so even with the brake on its enough to sweep it away- just shows what a mothers instinct does though doesn't it there was no time to think about this she just had to do it and thankfully God or someone was on her side. Bet she has flashbacks!

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 12-Aug-14 09:40:44

I hope asking "was the brake on?" isn't seeking someone to blame.

POGS Tue 12-Aug-14 10:16:54

It was shown on Sky News so there must be a clip available.

The mum just jumped onto the track, I don't think she even looked to see if a train was coming, she just went for it.

I bet she is still shaken today.

thatbags Tue 12-Aug-14 10:20:49

It was just a natural wonder about the situation. That is, I wondered if .... etc. Been in a similarly hairy situation myself, baby under one arm, dropped the buggy I'd lifted off the bus, turned to give two year old a hand off the bus and saw that it was moving and the doors still open! I've never yelled STOP! louder. If it's judgmental to think the bus driver was possibly at fault (they have mirrors to prevent this kind of thing happening), then I'm judgmental. Fortunately people on the bus acted quickly too and rang bells, shouted, etc.

As if I wasn't stressed enough catching two buses across Edinburgh to take the four month old to hospital for a hip x-ray. So, yeah, I know how easily accidents happen. They can often be prevented by carefulness.

Which is not the same as looking for someone to blame.

Aka Tue 12-Aug-14 16:37:46

Yes, I noticed the young man with the headphones on too. POGS as you say, he was completely oblivious. That poor mother, but she must be counting her blessings today.

absent Tue 12-Aug-14 22:11:48

It takes several seconds for the average person to recognise a crisis - whether a baby in a buggy being blown onto a tube line, a car crash or a lunatic with an automatic weapon in a shopping mall. Then Joe or Jane Average needs to decide what action, if any, to take. I don't think blame for not doing anything can be attached to the chap with the headphones.

Aka Tue 12-Aug-14 22:47:25

No one is blaming him Absent he didn't even realise what was happening as he as his back to the incident and was wearing headphones. That's why I said he was oblivious!!

POGS Tue 12-Aug-14 23:02:51


Nobody blamed the chap with the headphones!

The point being made was how amazing it was that he was totally oblivious to what was happening within feet of where he was standing.

There was another dimension brought into the frame concerning earphones in that we hear of many accidents and you could see how a person is not aware of the dangers around them and how easy accidents occur for those who wear them.

Aka Tue 12-Aug-14 23:05:38


suebailey1 Wed 13-Aug-14 09:24:37

Headphone wearing does seem to make the wearer oblivious doesn't it. Boring golfing stry coming up. Last week on the golf course one of the young apprentice greenkeepers walked across the green between my husband taking a putt and the flag he hadn't seen or heard us. A heinous sin if it was important but we were only having social golf so no matter. I did just point out to the Head Greenkeeper that this boy would not hear a shout of 'Fore' if a ball travelling at approx. 100 mile an hour of a tee was coming towards him and it could be very dangerous. He said he hadn't realised and now the boy doesn't wear headphones on the course. I don't think this was H & S gone mad but I'm sure he wont thank me for spoiling his reverie.

hildajenniJ Wed 13-Aug-14 09:45:37

I wonder if the young an wearing the headphones would have heard the buggy moving behind him had he not been wearing them. The underground is a noisy place and buggies move quite quietly. He may well have heard the mother shouting though. Would he have reacted quickly enough to catch it before it rolled off the palatform? How fortunate they were that no train was coming. I hope they have all got over their fright this morning.