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Deborah Devonshire has died

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Mamie Wed 24-Sep-14 14:51:24

The last of the Mitford sisters. One of my favourite reads of recent years has been the letters between Debo and Patrick Leigh Fermor. What a long and interesting life she has had.

goldengirl Wed 24-Sep-14 15:31:49

The end of an era - a cliche I know, but I think it's true. I always found her and her sisters fascinating.

penguinpaperback Wed 24-Sep-14 15:33:54

What a life. I'm fascinated by them. Making a note of the book you mention Mamie.

absentgrandma Wed 24-Sep-14 15:38:40

Hadn't heard that. Truly the end of an era. I can't say I approved of all the Mitford girls, they lived the sort of gilded life that few could ever apire too, but the Duchess of Devonshire seemed the most 'grounded' of the lot. And whatever I thought of Unity, and Diana Mosely their lives made jolly interesting reading. You really couldn't make it up. They don't make 'em like that anymore... we've got the Ecclestone bimbos and Pippa Middelton now.... hardly the same thingsad

Mamie Wed 24-Sep-14 15:51:54

The book is called In Tearing Haste, PPP.
The BBC website says she was Mistress of the Robes at the Coronation. Er no, I think that was her Mother-in-Law.
I also found the lives of all the sisters fascinating and Nancy's books are my desert island choice.

penguinpaperback Wed 24-Sep-14 15:56:26

Thank you for the book info Mamie. flowers I have all Nancy's books, re-read them every few years.

janeainsworth Wed 24-Sep-14 16:14:45

I too was fascinated by the Mitford sisters. At the opposite end of the spectrum from Unity and Diana was Jessica, a communist.
Deborah certainly turned Chatsworth into an amazing business.
I don't mean that unkindly, it has provided work and opportunity for many people in the area and is a wonderful place to visit. I stood for ages just looking at the portrait of her forebear, Georgiana.

penguinpaperback Wed 24-Sep-14 16:46:27

TerriBull Wed 24-Sep-14 17:09:27

I visited the Peak District for the first time in June this year and was bowled over by Chatsworth House. I imagine it looks wonderful in Autumn and positively beautiful on snow covered winter days.

There were a number of books about the Mitford sisters in the shop there, wish I'd bought one now, they were an interesting lot.

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 24-Sep-14 17:14:32

Very sad.

There was always far too much buttercream in the Chatsworth Victoria Sponge Sandwich.

Soutra Wed 24-Sep-14 17:35:53

I think Jessica and Nancy Mitford thought of Deborah as a bit dim but she turned out to be an inspired businesswoman and a fascinating character. "Wait For Me" is a great read.