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HildaW Wed 12-Aug-15 14:20:50

So that's why they demand your boarding pass when you shop at airport!
I do not travel well and being barked at for a boarding pass when buying a bottle of water at an airport shop has been one of the annoyances that have wound me up further. Evidently its been all about the retailers claiming back VAT and not passing it on to us shoppers.....and we are within our rights to refuse (except when buying alcohol).

KatyK Wed 12-Aug-15 18:39:35

Yes! I heard that Martin Lewis money man talking about it today. I don't travel well either. I'm not keen on flying and airports make me jittery as it is. Even if you buy a newspaper you have to hand your boarding pass over. I sometimes feel like I'm committing some sort of crime if I forget to take it to the shop and have to run back to DH to get it. I won't now.

HildaW Wed 12-Aug-15 19:04:31

Oh KatyK....its not just me then? I get very anxious and am then usually ill on arrival....spend the first day being sick in the hotel room. I am trying to break the cycle but feel I look furtive and nervous going through all the security checks...which only makes me feel worse, especially at foreign Airports.