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Toyota and the 'leave' campaign...

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Tegan Mon 20-Jun-16 14:22:09

With regards to the leave pamphlet which I received this morning...
'Toyota is considering taking legal action against the Vote Leave campaign after the unauthorised use of its trademarks.

The issue involves a flyer from the Vote Leave campaign, which has been sent to households across the country. It includes the Toyota logo and a quote suggesting a vote to leave the European Union would not impact its UK operations.

However, Toyota has slammed the Vote Leave campaign for using it in campaign materials, saying it “could mislead the reader into thinking that Toyota endorses the Vote Leave campaign”.

“We offer no such endorsement and further we are considering a formal legal complaint at this unauthorised use of our trademarks, which infringes our rights as the owners of the Toyota brand,” said a spokesman.

“Toyota does not wish to enter the campaign and we fully respect that whether to remain or to leave the European Union is for the British people to decide. So we strongly object to this unauthorised use of our brand and the use of our name in the Vote Leave campaign."

It has especially annoyed the manufacturer as it has already stated that it believes continued British membership of the EU is best for its operations and its long-term competitiveness.'
apologies for starting a new thread about this but I think it's very important, especially after my anger at receiving said pamphlet this morning...I

Indinana Mon 20-Jun-16 14:40:31

Good for them! It seems the Leave campaign have taken one too many liberties this time.

Tegan Mon 20-Jun-16 14:45:09

They also mentioned Nissan and Unilever amongst others.

dramatictessa Mon 20-Jun-16 14:46:37

About time someone took them to task for their lies. Toyota should take legal action - they've got the wherewithal to do it, unlike other groups used or targeted by the Leave campaign.

Anniebach Mon 20-Jun-16 14:49:12

Nissan has said they are going to take legal action

crun Mon 20-Jun-16 15:17:28

If they win the referendum they'll probably consider it money well spent.

Tegan Mon 20-Jun-16 15:22:13

You mean a bit like an Olympic Gold Medal winner doing so because they've taken drugs?

durhamjen Mon 20-Jun-16 22:08:24

"Car manufacturers have also warned that a vote to leave would risk jobs in the industry. Mike Hawes, the chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers, told the BBC leaving the EU would jeopardise the industry’s continued success.

Directors at Toyota UK, Vauxhall, Jaguar Land Rover and BMW, as well as from component makers GKN and Magal Engineering, also backed the remain campaign.

He said: “Remaining will allow the UK to retain the influence on which the unique and successful UK automotive sector depends,” Hawes said."

In today's Guardian. The leaflet has Toyota and Vauxhall logos on, and mantions Nissan and Honda.
It will be interesting to see what is in the papers tomorrow.

durhamjen Mon 20-Jun-16 22:12:04

durhamjen Mon 20-Jun-16 22:14:37

"The legal challenge comes after furious company chiefs at Unilever, Airbus and GE also threatened legal action over logo use.

Nissan, which employs more than 6,500 people on Wearside, is now seeking an injunction to stop Vote Leave making “any further false statements” during the final days of the referendum campaign."

I hope it costs them loads. They'll have to scrap all leaflets with it on now. Airbus as well.

Anniebach Mon 20-Jun-16 22:28:13

Boris doesn't do truth does he?

durhamjen Tue 21-Jun-16 08:01:20

I wonder who gets sued for it? Promoted by Matthew Elliott on behalf of Vote Leave Ltd.
Matthew Elliott of Tax Payers Alliance.

crun Tue 21-Jun-16 18:58:12

If they get sued it probably won't cost them any more than they would have spent if the campaign expenses weren't capped. Water off a duck's back.

Tegan Tue 21-Jun-16 20:38:41

Gove has lied on live television about John Barnes being a brexit supporter; he's demanded an apology. Am small lie by their standards but still a lie...

granjura Wed 22-Jun-16 08:36:48

Boris doesn't - and is a self-interested bafoon in it for himslef, and didnt' answer a single question- but he said 'indpendence day' with gusto, and got a massive stand-up ovation.

And THIS is the most worrying thing. Populist works.

GandTea Wed 22-Jun-16 09:26:53

Boris would never let honesty get in the way of trying to make a point. Is this really the man we want leading the country is we choose to leave?

Boris has lied and taken other peoples name in vain through his personal campaign.

Alea Wed 22-Jun-16 09:35:12

It is such a cliche to compare Referendum rhetoric with fascist rabble rousing in the 30's, but will we never learn? Trump too is treated as a buffoon and no I be (over this side anyway) thought he would get as far as the Republican nomination.
We despair of the shortsightedness of the US electorate but miss "the beam in our own eye" as the New Testament puts it.
When will people wake up?

Alea Wed 22-Jun-16 09:36:01

"Nobody" thought.

Tegan Wed 22-Jun-16 09:55:54

He's a journalist granjura..not a politician. Anyway, wasn't Independence day a DISASTER MOVIE!!?

Anniebach Wed 22-Jun-16 11:46:41

Expect Boris had been rehearsing his Independence Day claim for ages

crun Wed 22-Jun-16 12:39:04

Britain is the 5th richest country on the planet, and yet both camps sell us a vision of the future in which we get richer when it's our wealth that's attracting the migrants. The Tories are in favour of the free market, but cry foul when the immigrants are more competitive than the natives, Labour are in favour of increasing the wealth of the poorest, but cry foul when the poorest find better paid jobs here. Both camps ask what the immigrants can do for us instead of what we can do for them, but a points based immigration system enables the richest to poach all the skilled workers, so that the poor countries pay to train our workers as well as their own whilst we pay nowt, thereby further increasing the wealth inequality that fuels the immigration. Rich countries shout about democracy, but the poor nations they take advantage of didn't vote for "I'm not agreeing to anything that's not in Britain's self interest".

durhamjen Wed 22-Jun-16 16:51:44

John Barnes response to Gove, just in case it hasn't been on any other thread.

durhamjen Wed 22-Jun-16 18:31:13

From Simon Wren-Lewis and how Brexit get away with their lies.