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Rinouchka Sun 11-Dec-16 11:48:03

Time magazine has named Donald Trump "Person of the Year."
Love him or hate him, how justified is this?
Who would you name, (1) on a national (2) on an international level...and why?

SueDonim Sun 11-Dec-16 13:01:22

Given the influence he has exerted this year, I can see why he has been chosen. The cover is very interesting. It talks about the Divided States of America.

I've recently read a deconstruction of the photo, I'll see if I can link to it. Hope this works!

paddyann Sun 11-Dec-16 16:59:10

considering Time had Hitler as person of the year in the 1930's we shouldn't be surprised...maybe Farage will aspire to it next year?On a National level it would be Scotlands first minister ,the only person who has been on the ball re Brexit..and international the guy who started Mary's Meals ,they now feed over a million children a day ,thats kids who would otherwise go hungry and go without education ,as they need to attend school to be fed.It appears to be a better organised charity than some of the big ones who take money and we cant see how its spent

Riverwalk Sun 11-Dec-16 17:40:08

Entirely justified I'd say.

1. Farage
2. Trump

2016 has been their year!

Rinouchka Sun 11-Dec-16 17:46:54

Thanks for link, SueDonim, informative. Love the subversive element!