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Anniebach Fri 10-Feb-17 17:31:01

Make of them what you will, my knowledge of England is poor

Fairfield North Citswold

Libs gain from Cons

Libs up 40.2

Cons down 29.9

Greens up 1.8

UKIP and Labour didn't stand

Great and Little Oakley

UKIP gain from independent - no independent stood

Cons up 1.4

Labour up 5.5

Libs. up -14.1

Kingswood & Hazel Leys

Lab hold up 10.3

Cons up 12.5

Greens down 1.1

Waterside Norfolk

Libs gain from Con up 19.8

Cons. down 4.8

UKIP up 6.5

Labour down 8.5

St. John's Fylde

Ratepayers hold up 15.9

Cons up 4.4

Labour down 8.4

Greens up 4.3

No lib stood