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Universal Basic Income: a report from Africa

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MaizieD Fri 24-Mar-17 11:16:33

I know we had a thread on this a while ago but I can't find it.
This report of a pilot scheme in Namibia was flagged up on twitter this morning. I though that people interested in UBI might like to see it

The image gives a nice summary

MaizieD Fri 24-Mar-17 11:17:01


Ilovecheese Fri 24-Mar-17 15:12:48

Sounds like it has been very successful and economically sound. But I just don't think the British psyche would be willing to give it a try. There always seems to be a resistance here towards giving people a carrot, much preferring a stick.

GracesGranMK2 Fri 24-Mar-17 15:22:18

Thanks Maizie. I love the imagesmile and it looks like a very well researched report so off to read it.

durhamjen Fri 11-Aug-17 13:47:30

More about basic income from BIEN.

durhamjen Fri 11-Aug-17 13:50:09

durhamjen Sat 02-Sep-17 10:29:38

Barcelona is going to trial basic income for 2000 families in the poorest area starting in October.

Anya Sat 02-Sep-17 10:33:19

Very true Ilovecheese - pity though as it's a win-win option.

durhamjen Sat 02-Sep-17 10:34:07

"The proposals considered include a “significantly more progressive income tax structure,” a “major increase in the minimum wage” (i.e. a “living wage”), and an increase in the amount of the nation’s universal child benefit, and two types of programs of social transfers: a strengthening of the UK’s social insurance system, and a “participation income”. A participation income–an idea developed and promoted by Atkinson–is similar to a basic income in that it guarantees all members of society a stable and secure livable income. It differs from a basic income, however, in that it is not fully unconditional: as its name suggests, a participation income is subject to a participation requirement. According to Atkinson, however, fulfilling this requirement should not require paid work or looking for paid work; it should also be able to be met through caregiving, community volunteer work, full-time education, or other unpaid but socially valuable activities."

durhamjen Sat 02-Sep-17 10:37:47

Social Justice Ireland wants basic income to be EU wide.
Would that be before or after we leave?

durhamjen Fri 08-Sep-17 23:24:41

Scotland is going to trial UBI.

FarNorth Sat 09-Sep-17 00:25:33

Scotland is considering it for the future.

MamaCaz Sat 09-Sep-17 05:01:21

I have only read the summary of the findings, which sound very positive.

durhamjen Sat 09-Sep-17 12:40:21

Apparently Scotland needs more devolved powers to do it. We'll have to see what Brexit brings.

paddyann Sat 09-Sep-17 15:31:46

all we really need is England to want independence ,seeing as they think we're a burden on them it should be a cake walk .Then we 'll get ALL our powers and income to do what we need to do.Even stay IN the EU .

durhamjen Sun 10-Sep-17 09:52:24

Have you seen this from Richard Murphy, paddyann?

If the English would give you the correct figures to work with, it would be a start, according to him.