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whitewave Thu 27-Apr-17 18:27:05

I was watching this on television this evening and how that poor child was hounded to his death on social media.

We've had a thread recently about bullying and clearly we understand how devastating it can be to an individual, particularly someone who is less confident.

Now, I am almost certainly as guilty as anyone, but it has made me think a bit about the robust debate which frequently becomes personal and people feel often insulted, and almost certainly upset.

So I am going to try particularly throughout this period of the lead up to the election in particular to try my level best to keep my posts about the election and comment only on issues, without dropping into the gutter of personal insult.
I invite other grans to join me.

sunseeker Thu 27-Apr-17 18:46:06

Well said whitewave Like you I hope the debate can be robust without resorting to insults. Many GNs have strong views and like to express them forcefully but this can be done without nastiness.