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Scottish leaders' debate.

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mcem Sun 21-May-17 20:22:23

Although not a Tory voter I was prepared to give Ruth Davidson credit for the way she conducted herself in the referendum debate.
However, she is clearly struggling to defend the Tory manifesto. For the first time I've just seen her heartily booed by the audience.
Apparently (haven't yet seen it) the Scottish Tory manifesto mentions independence 29 times but not a single mention of education or NHS. RD is being accused of using independence as a smokescreen to cover up Tory threats.

Fraser Nelson of the Spectator is recommending that interested parties south of the border should watch this debate with 'better quality leaders and debate'.

paddyann Sun 21-May-17 21:16:38

didn't watch it ,I've recorded it for later.I imagine she must be struggling ...I dont know why there IS a Scottish conservative or labour manifesto ...they all bow to the Westminster party and we have to go along with it .I hope but dont expect there will be some sensible reaction to Nicola in tomorrows press .As far as I can see she's the best politician in the UK .Not that theres much in the way of competition.

mcem Sun 21-May-17 21:34:09

She did have a hard time with a couple of questions but held her own. Only RD really figured in the debate and maybe Willie R.
Respected that fact that she acknowledged problems in education but is putting an additional £12m into schools.
An NHS nurse made a huge impression and I expect to see her comments followed up in the press.
She made a valid point which I think applies to all politicians everywhere.
Instead of staged, set-up, formal visits they should drop in unannounced to see how the average ward really functions (and the same would apply to classrooms).
I believe NS might just take up that challenge but TM has made it clear she'll see only the carefully-selected supporters who won't rock the boat.
Don't think she would have done too well in tonight's debate!

varian Sun 21-May-17 22:07:39

Scottish LibDem leader Willie Rennie got the best response from the audience when he spoke about the danger of a hard brexit.

paddyann Sun 21-May-17 23:02:35

Variian the "NHS nurse* isn't one ,she works foor BUPA nd has been a plant on a couple of these programmes .Nurses in this part of the UK have had a rise every year ..sure its only small but its still a rise and any whose wages are below the level they should be have had them made up to the going rate.Like most of us Willie isn't a brexiteer.well RD and KD weren't either though both have taken their head office's view and now support it.Brexit will be devastating for our economy which last year was the only one of the nations to have a trade surplus .We need to hold onto the free market with europe ,its suicide to do otherwise with no alternatives on the table .

mcem Sun 21-May-17 23:24:43

Well she's the one who invited NS into a typical ward and who claims to be using foodbanks.
Doesn't say much for working in private healthcare then, does it?

paddyann Mon 22-May-17 01:22:58

her FB page is all over my newsfeed,she's earning ,she says,£22,345 a year ,her child goes to private school and she spent last hogmanay in NewYorks GrandPlaza hotel and Times Sq.She JOKED on her page that she would have to use foodbanks when she came home because she had spent so much on bubbly in the Grand Plaza ....go figure? She obviously thought she was smart ,but not smart enough to have made her FB page private .Silly woman .Calls herself claire @nursey .The indy sites say shes a tory plant as she's been on more than one current affairs show,apparently her father was also on QT ...where HE said she has a good job ,decent pay an a very nice life !

paddyann Mon 22-May-17 12:35:16

I see the SUN has picked up her "story" swanky hotels and champagne and all .Instead od discrediting the SNP she's done herself no good at all ,silly woman

mcem Mon 22-May-17 13:11:23

Agree with that paddyann. Surely she should have realised that her contribution to the would be followed through.
Silly woman indeed!

mcem Mon 22-May-17 13:38:28

Sorry 'to the debate' - missed word!

Jane10 Mon 22-May-17 17:07:25

Check your facts paddyann. Who's discredited now?

FarNorth Mon 22-May-17 21:42:36

Who is, Jane10?

Jane10 Tue 23-May-17 08:02:09

Joanna Cherry. The MSP putting about the completely erroneous info regarding that poor nurse.

paddyann Tue 23-May-17 11:06:33


Sorry about this rant but its the last thing I'm going to say on this subject!
Just to dispel the rapidly growing myths around this nurse and her salary I'd like to spell out exactly what she lied about in terms of that salary and why so many nurses are up in arms about it!
She works for the NHS as a staff nurse, (although she herself claims to be a charge nurse in a busy A&E), however for the sake of this exercise I'll place her on the lowest band for staff nurses in Scotland. That's the whole of Scotland because no matter where you work in the NHS the salary structure is identical. The least a newly qualified staff nurse would earn on a Band 5 is just shy of £22, 000. This rises year on year incrimentally for 6yrs to the Band maximum of £28,180. She herself states that she has been working for many years so she cannot be stuck on the starting scale, it doesnt work that way. Anyone working for 6yrs will have reached their Band max. If indeed she is a charge nurse as she claims on her LinkedIn then that would be Band 6 which starts at £26,041 and again incrimentally rises to £34,876. So you see there's no way for a qualified registered nurse to be stuck at £22,000 as she claims. Furthermore she also works with RMR an agency I myself have done shifts for in the past and the pay is very lucrative compared to NHS payscales, so much so that most hospitals are now forbidden to use this agency. So no matter how you look at this then that woman is not as skint as she claims to be! She blatantly lied about her pay and anything else that followed also has to be suspect. She lied knowing full well that nurses salaries are published and in the public domain, and also knowing there were bound to be nurses watching who would know instantly she was lying, clearly she didn't care about that either. That I find both particularly perplexing and shameful.
The fact this attack on the Scottish government was allowed to take place during a debate for the GE is beyond the pale and highly questionable especially given the Scottish government have honoured the Pay Review Body recommendations, whilst Westminster has not is even more disgusting. It means that we in Scotland are paid more than our colleagues in England and Wales, albeit only by 1% per annum, but over the past few years that has mounted to a fairly sizeable gap.
Can I also say I agree with those who have said that the SNP government need to stop being so mealy mouthed and polite, and start being more aggressively assertive. They need to start attacking more, as this should be about highlighting their successes but more importantly Westminsters failings. This is not about the Scottish government and should never have been allowed to happen during a debate about a Westminster election, but then again it is the BBC so they will take any opportunity to divert attention away from where it's supposed to be.....on the failings of Westminster!