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Jane10 Fri 26-May-17 19:22:13

This struck me very firmly when listening to Jeremy Corbyn today: when he was talking about overseas policy. Yes the middle east is a confusing mess. However, there are such bullies there. I was actually moved to write to my MP about the plight of the Yazidi people when they were trapped on that mountain. I was filled with the feeling that 'we must do something'. I also feel so sorry for the Palestinians but somehow it's not OK to say it.
I'm glad our overseas aid budget continues.
I know all this isn't politically correct but we're world citizens not just UK ones and I still feel we have a responsibility to stand up to those that oppress others.

norose4 Fri 26-May-17 19:56:59

There is a saying Jane 10, not sure of its origin which say' For evil to exist in the world it takes a good man to do nothing' so I agree with you in principle, sadly though we are often hampered or hoodwinked by evil regimes who do not care about their own people let alone any one else. It saddens me to say that I doubt we will ever solve these global problems. My Dad use to say just do the bit that you can & it will be like a ripple affect in a pond & spread out wards . So I guess how ever insignificant our attempts to help are it's still better than doing nothing

Jane10 Fri 26-May-17 20:06:28

I know. We're not the world's policemen but I don't want us to do absolutely nothing about bullies.

rosesarered Fri 26-May-17 22:30:43

I agree Jane and the plight of the Yazidi people was heart breaking.

BlueBelle Sat 27-May-17 06:33:01

And the Rohingya I hate that people can spend £100 on new eyebrows and some peoples in the world are facing genocide, bullying and utter poverty I too live by your Dads policy norose and keep plodding on but the inequality breaks my heart and makes me feel nothing will ever change

NfkDumpling Sat 27-May-17 06:35:12

Agree wholeheartedly. But I would like our overseas aid to be targeted better. I believe much is just doled out to governments as part of trade agreements.

norose4 Sat 27-May-17 07:24:11

It's good to know Bluebelle&Nkfdumpling that we are not alone in having soft sad hearts about such inequalities & really good thread to start Jane. I cannot believe the harshness of a lot of folks today who don't seem to have any compassion for the shocking plight of so many of our fellow beings. As a child of about 8 we used to be shown slides of the starving children of Biafra,now in my 60s we are still seeing similar images around the world,I just don't understand how nothing seems to have changed. Looking on the positive side the response of the communities in Manchester is an uplifting sign that there very many good people are doing something .