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mrsmopp Thu 01-Jun-17 00:18:47

Is anyone else feeling fed up with the hostile way politicians are being interviewed on TV? Paxman is a typical example. There is no need for all the interrupting harassing and badgering that goes on. Give them a chance to answer the question, prompt them if they go off topic, but get the information we want to hear.
I'm not saying give them a soft time, but Jeremy Paxman is so arrogant and smug, and very unpleasant to watch. I don't think it's necessary to be as nasty as he is.

wouldbegran Thu 01-Jun-17 07:33:10

I agree, Mrs Mopp. I don't believe politicians should be allowed to avoid answering, but the attitude of so many 'big name' interviewers (Paxman etc) is disgracefully superior. I'm afraid I have to now add the name of Emma Barnett to the list. She was disdainful and sarcastic with Corbyn on Woman's Hour. The most telling part of her interview with Corbyn was towards the end when she said 'I'm running out of time' -- "I" being the operative word. These interviewers think the interview is about them, not the politician. Btw, John Snow and Mishal Hussain are NOT on my list of arrogant interviewers.

Ilovecheese Thu 01-Jun-17 12:07:09

Jeremy Paxman was like a parody of himself when he was interviewing Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May. I like him on University Challenge but think it's time he retired from interviewing.

goldengirl Thu 01-Jun-17 12:12:03

I find Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Matt Frei quite abrupt when interviewing. They speak over their guests which I find irritating - at least let them finish the sentence! I appreciate that politicians can go on and on though so interviewers have to get in there whilst the politicians are drawing breath.
Boris was on the news this morning and had a lot to say. Yesterday on Twitter he was interviewed by someone alongside another politician and neither politician listened to the other and the interviewer couldn't get a word in either! It was so very childish.

durhamjen Thu 01-Jun-17 13:27:52

Can you actually interview on twitter?

rosesarered Thu 01-Jun-17 13:37:06

I agree with you Ilovecheese a parody or caricature of himself!
I think Andrew Neill would have been a much better choice of interviewer.

angelab Thu 01-Jun-17 13:40:50

There are some very entertaining Jeremy Paxman interviews with Boris Johnson on youtube, sadly I can't find my favourite, but I ended up liking both JP and BJ!

mrsmopp Thu 01-Jun-17 15:35:16

Paxman asked Michael Howard the same question 12 times back in 1997.
'Did you threaten to overrule him?' It's on YouTube.
But nowadays he has gone far too aggressive and shouts too much.
I've gone off him.

ElaineI Fri 02-Jun-17 00:37:41

Yes I would like to hear the answers before the next aggressive question is asked or there is no point in listening or watching it!

durhamjen Fri 02-Jun-17 00:56:24

Better not listen to Neil interviewing Farron.

paddyann Fri 02-Jun-17 01:14:01

Andrew Neil is a terrible interviewer,cant stand the man ,nobody gets a chance to answer as he heckles them constantly ,Its not and interviw more a personal attack ,unless they have the same politcal ideals as he does