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first funeral of Manchester victims.

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ninathenana Mon 05-Jun-17 13:36:34

I've just been watching the funeral of the young girl from the Scottish Isles.
A quiet, moving affair. Forgive me for asking but was the coffin being led by an undertaker or maybe a relative, with a white cord tied to the coffin and held by this person a Scottish tradition or a religious one ? It's not something I've ever seen before.


Marydoll Mon 05-Jun-17 23:37:27

I think that in parts of the Hebrides, it is tradition for the closest family members to hold a cord at the front and rear of a coffin while it is being carried.
It was heartbreaking to watch. RIP

Jalima1108 Mon 05-Jun-17 23:45:49

I think it was her father holding the cord and leading the coffin.
How unbearably sad.

ninathenana Tue 06-Jun-17 06:48:20

Yes, I've since learnt that it was her father.

It may seem odd to question this but it did puzzle me. I can find no reference to the custom on line.

Luckygirl Tue 06-Jun-17 07:30:06

A bit of me feels it should not be televised and they should be allowed their private grief. They will have been surrounded by TV cameras. It does not feel appropriate.

Teetime Tue 06-Jun-17 08:44:29

Absolutely heart breaking to see that on the news. I confess to a big sob on that one.