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POGS Tue 06-Jun-17 13:50:56

Theresa May as I type is at Staffordshire doing a hustings and all the major media outlets are asking questions and by listening to the questioners names attended by the media companies top reporters.

BBC No coverage. Sky a little bit of live coverage . BBC Parliament is still running with it, as it has done for Labour and other parties.

I know this will cause friction, the name of the game on gransnet , but I have noticed this is a regular occurrence, Corbyn gets an enormous amount of coverage compared to others.

Now I understand Theresa May has been at the G7, NATO Conference and Brussels, had the Cobra Meetings and had to deal with running the terrorist attacks and naturally it follows she was not in a position to do hustings for practically 2 weeks but it was so noticeable before and after those duties the Tory Campaign has not had the coverage of Corbyn by the t.v stations.

NB. Coverage now finished.

whitewave Tue 06-Jun-17 13:51:49

grin you aren't serious pogs

POGS Tue 06-Jun-17 13:53:12


whitewave Tue 06-Jun-17 13:54:57

Then you need to read some academic work that is being carried out about press bias since the beginning of the election. That will totally dispute your post I'm afraid.

POGS Tue 06-Jun-17 13:57:48



Another post that assumes you are superior in intelligence and I a mere simpleton.

Ah well love it will soon be all over.

trisher Tue 06-Jun-17 13:58:58

If you attend open air rallies with lots of people you tend to get more news coverage than 6 people in a car park in the middle of nowhere. I really don't think you are right about the amount, but if it was right it is like any other news story, the bigger the crowd, the bigger the story.

Ilovecheese Tue 06-Jun-17 14:16:25

The Staffordshire hustings are being covered live on the Guardian's website

Rigby46 Tue 06-Jun-17 15:01:39

Never mind POGs there will be lots and lots of really nice coverage in the DM etc. How on earth can everything she does receive live coverage?

LadyGracie Tue 06-Jun-17 15:05:53

Here, here POGS

M0nica Tue 06-Jun-17 15:16:29

I would give anything for political coverage, in the broadcast media in particular, to be cut right back. News headlines and half an hour a day per channel is quite sufficient.

Today on R4, my mainstay, to begin with: the Today programme: politics wall to wall. 9.00am interview with, I think, Amber Rudd, I didn't stop to listen. 10.00, Woman's Hour, phone in with some politicians. I switched off. 11.00 (on long wave) cricket commentary, hoorah...... Hang on, I hate cricket commentaries. This is what this b*** election has reduced me to, finding cricket commentaries balm to the ears.

Rigby46 Tue 06-Jun-17 15:22:04

Oohhh MO can you still get LW ? <jealous>

petra Tue 06-Jun-17 15:31:49

Would that be the radio 4 programme that Dianne Abbott was to sick to attend and was the photographed at Oxford Circus underground wink
Did anyone read what Evan David had to say about complaints to the BBC Re bias: basically, they don't give a toss.

Rigby46 Tue 06-Jun-17 15:41:15

I went home from work sick and was seen at the railway station on my way home < just saying>

whitewave Tue 06-Jun-17 15:43:59


M0nica Tue 06-Jun-17 15:58:36

No idea, I had the radio off within seconds when I realised it was yet more politics.

I walk round the house carrying my radio, so I carefully nurture my old LW radios. Digital and FM reception here is appalling and you can only listen to them when they are static and plugged into the mains in the one or two places you can get good reception. Our house is long and straggly so if I am listening to a programme while cleaning or starting the day, the only way to do it is on my trusty LW radio that gets good reception anywhere I go in house or garden.

Gemmag Tue 06-Jun-17 16:32:44

Well done POGS. Sticks and stones and all the rest.?