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A question about the Brexit " negotiations"

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Daddima Fri 09-Jun-17 12:10:53

What is there to negotiate? Won't the EU just bid us farewell? What do we have to bargain with?

whitewave Fri 09-Jun-17 12:17:16

We need a government of United with regard to Brexit. Listen to what Gina Miller has to say it makes a huge amount if sense

Cindersdad Sat 10-Jun-17 19:01:19

It does seem that the "Will of the People" might now be in favour of REMAIN, of course you can't be certain. But parliament should have the courage to make an informed judgement on the outcome and perhaps decide to stay in the EU on the right terms.

UKIP has collapsed that must be some sort of indicator.

whitewave Sat 10-Jun-17 19:08:05

I truly think that if the referendum (oh no please) was re run it would be remain, I think there is a lot of evidence that suggests that people are feeling very queasy over the whole thing

whitewave Sat 10-Jun-17 19:12:23

Interestingly the government is still recruiting civil servants for Brexit. My nephew with a Masters in Food Security has applied. I'm surprised that they haven't yet got all the ducks in a row yet.

LadyGracie Sat 10-Jun-17 19:35:23

Brexit has already started, article 50 has been invoked. I wish they'd just get on with it then all this pontificating may stop!

whitewave Sat 10-Jun-17 19:58:18

The Tory grey suits according to MN are looking for a much softer Brexit to keep their donars happy. So Norway seems on the cards

whitewave Sat 10-Jun-17 20:16:33

Apparently May is having a 1922 meeting on Tuesday where she will be told what is to happen what she must do and when the new pm will be chosen.

Interesting stuff on how she was chosen to be pm as well.

whitewave Sat 10-Jun-17 20:24:39

Rumour that a deputy prime minister will be appointed to "assist" (keep her in order) May.

rosesarered Sat 10-Jun-17 20:34:07

Daddima trade agreements work both ways.

hildajenniJ Sat 10-Jun-17 23:37:08

Talking of Brexit negotiations, I saw this
It amused me.