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Scottish independence referendum

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Bagatelle Tue 27-Jun-17 21:05:30

Nicola Sturgeon still has a bee in her bonnet about another referendum, despite a sound defeat in the last one as well as losing 21 out of 56 seats in the last election. What is the feeling about this among people who live in Scotland, and also Scots who live elsewhere?

It's an in or out choice, but would people opt for
- Scotland to remain part of the UK (out of the EU)
- Scotland to remain in the EU but not the UK
- Scotland paddling its own canoe
- "Oh no, not another one!"

paddyann Tue 27-Jun-17 22:25:56

I want independence I have always wanted independence and as the SNP 's core policy IS independence it comes as no surprise that they will want another referendum.The surprise is that people dont understand WHY we think its necessary.We have less than 10% of the MP's in WM having OUR voice heard is virtually impossible though the 56 SNP MP's that were there did a fine job ,spoke more than any labour Scottish MP;s had for years 56 was always a fluke and if we had got the 35 we got this time back in 1015 we woould have been dlighted...just think how Mrs May would feel if she brought home all but 3 seats in England!!As 62% of us voted Remain ,and I am one of them the Scotland in Europe option would be mine .I cant understand why anyone would walk away from 500 MILLION potential customers ,especially with nothing in place to replace them .Then theres the fact that the EU only affects around 5% OF OUR LAWS as opposed to WM who have over 75 % rule over us .And we have always had a good a good relationship with europe and we need immigrants.They work and contribute to our country are essential for our future ,Can I just add that the tory "revival" isn't what it seems .The tories have 22% of seats here when they were rock bottom in the thatcher years they had 24% of the vote and the main reason they got so many back is because the scottish labour leader urged people to vote tory if they felt they couldn't vote labour"to keep the SNP out" .Today Nicola reiterated what she said in March ...that she wasn't calling another referenndum UNTIL BREXIT HAD BEEN SETTLED.nothing new was said .The media seems to have spun it differently...well dont they always .

Bagatelle Wed 28-Jun-17 14:05:40

So that's one vote for N Sturgeon and the rest for for "Oh no, not another one!"

Jane10 Wed 28-Jun-17 15:32:12

Got it in one Bagatelle!