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Sussex gas cloud

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Atqui Mon 28-Aug-17 11:08:50

Anyone else wonder if it could be sinister?

grannysue05 Mon 28-Aug-17 11:13:53

Err ....Yes.
There are no chemical factories in that area.
Shipping passing by maybe...with an unsafe cargo?

Cindersdad Mon 28-Aug-17 12:48:15

I have a theory which may be completely wrong. Many ships were sunk in the channel during the first and second world wars with all sorts in the holds. Shells take a long time to corrode and leak but eventually they do. During WW1 gas was used, the effect would be similar.

Otherwise IS may be responsible.

kittylester Mon 28-Aug-17 13:50:55

Apparently there has been another one previously which was traced to a chemical plant in France - I think they are upset with us for leaving the EU!

whitewave Mon 28-Aug-17 13:58:49

It wasn't a mist just a bad smell kitty

BlueBelle Mon 28-Aug-17 14:24:38

They now don't think it came from France
I don't think there are any conspiracy theories and call me naive if you want but no I don't think its the least bit sinister we had one up here once a dreadful smell of gas pervaded the town and it turned out yo be something from a rig or boat or similar
There have been mass chemical problems before with water poisoning all the fish and things like that I don't think a factory has to necessarily be close by

Anya Mon 28-Aug-17 14:31:13

South Korea for sure.

TriciaF Mon 28-Aug-17 15:12:24

I wouldn't be surprised if it came from SW France. The temperatures have been scorching here and a hot dry wind from SE.

Atqui Mon 28-Aug-17 15:26:23

Interesting theory Cindersdad.

Atqui Mon 28-Aug-17 15:45:22

Perhaps I've been watching too much Homeland ?

nigglynellie Mon 28-Aug-17 15:57:58

Anya, surely North Korea?!! Could be connected to one of the wars, a lot of shipping was sunk in the channel.

whitewave Mon 28-Aug-17 17:19:25

I suspect it was something dumped from a tanker that reacted to the salt water.

Any chemists amongst us?

harrigran Mon 28-Aug-17 20:06:27

Well they have been expecting something, paramedics are now carrying antidotes for nerve gas.