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The future of the Labour Party in Scotland

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MawBroon Tue 29-Aug-17 23:34:37

Is it in total disarray? Or is this good news for Labour North of the Border?

paddyann Wed 30-Aug-17 00:10:49

there is no good news for labour in Scotland,Kezia resigning has been inevitable for quite some time,the labour party is dead ..and I cant see a way back for it for a very long time .

Jane10 Wed 30-Aug-17 06:15:34

I liked Kezia and am sorry she's going. Labour is gaining ground from SNP. Jeremy Corbyn attracted large crowds on his recent visit.

paddyann Wed 30-Aug-17 08:22:50

so he did ,three men and a dog .....he didn't know we have had our own systems of Law and Education for centuries..well before the union and he "thinks" indeed said we're a "region of ENGLAND" Way to go Corbyn....that'll really win votes for labour!It may have escaped your notice that we have anew bridge opening this morning,thats the bridge the labour party said we didn't need ,its come in UNDER budget by 245MILLION ...sadly the yoons are claiming it as theirs,even though it was built entirely by the Scottish government with NO financial aid from Westminster .these people cant think for themselves and just accept the nonsense that WM spouts and have done for centuries.Isn't it time they looked at the mess labour left us in.You're in Edinburgh jane10 you know about the labour led tram fiasco ,the PFI funded schools that will cost us billions over decades and were literally falling apart last year.Is THAT the people you want running your country?

Jane10 Wed 30-Aug-17 08:32:09

paddyann the multiple failings of the SNP are so widely available that I don't intend to reproduce them here in capital letters or not. We all know you're a rabid SNP supporter. I reckon MawBroon must be chuckling to herself. Suspect it was a 'light blue touch paper and retire' sort of post!

petra Wed 30-Aug-17 08:36:10

* paddyann*
I'm reading into that that your not a Labour supporter grin
Love your bridge, reminds me of the Millau in France.

petra Wed 30-Aug-17 08:43:52

Every OP on the news and politics thread are 'light blue touch paper and retire' grin